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Taste testing: Swiss cheese for soufflé | 8:51 am | 9 November 2012

We’ve been making a lot of soufflé lately, as we gear up to lead a workshop. My usual practice as cheese-monger-ee has been pretty sloppy: scrawl “Swiss cheese” on the grocery list, then find myself shuffling from foot to foot in the dairy section, trying to remember if we’d ever come up with a preference….eventually grabbing the cheapest of whatever looked decent. Really, everything there looks decent—I’m too lazy to drive to the Giant Chain Grocers (and besides, they give me ADD-hives) so I shop at the locals, which have really nice cheese.

To put an end to this nonsense, here are the three non-baby, non-mega-dairy Swiss cheeses available at the Willy St. Coöp last week: Emmenthaler (source unknown), Edelweiss Grass-fed Emmenthaler, and Cave-aged Guryère (source unknown).
photo of the four cheeses

We tasted the cheeses uncooked, first, then in four soufflés—the fourth was a mix of half Guryère and half Grassy Emmenthaler. Guryère, solo, wins by a mile. Here’s our notes:

regular old Swiss cheese
creamy; would be good for melty uses
boring and Panera-like
Grass-fed Emmenthaler
like the other one but with a nice top bite
tasty—with terroir, and funky
has a sharp note that the regular Emmenthaler was missing
Cave-aged Guryère
salty, brown, nutty, toothy, & dry
back wall of funkiness

four individual cheese souffles

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