PapaddamFilter: When Google Fails | 11:32 am | 25 May 2004

Ask MetaFilter rocks my pappadams. I’m going to try the toaster method!

four methods of cooking papaddam, tested


Toaster: Yipe! Almost had to use the fire extinguisher.
I didn’t taste test this one.
Broiler: This was tasty and evenly cooked. The method was simple: pan + broiler. (There was some residual oil in the pan but I had wiped it with a paper towel.) The difficulty here is that the broiler is the drawer under the stove: this presents a problem in that usually there’s six million other things going on (ok, four) on top of the stove when it’s usually time to cook up the pappadam. Also, visibility is very poor — I basically had to shut the broiler drawer, count ten and cross my fingers; repeat until done.
Deep-Fried: I used peanut oil for its good flavor and on the advice of the mefi thread. This papad curled mightily and cooked fairly quickly and evenly. However, the result was very greasy and the texture was funny; there was sort of a granualrity to it that wasn’t pleasant.
Lightly brushed with peanut oil, fried on hot pan: This didn’t cook very evenly and I had a hard time getting it cooked before the oil hit its smoking point. It was slightly greasy but not intolerably so.

Anyone got a creme brulee torch??
Click here for a larger photo.

one comment on “PapaddamFilter: When Google Fails”

  1. jima

    I always use the microwave method. Lightly brush them with oil (both sides) before sticking them in. Although we do have a wok, so maybe I’ll try that sometime.

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