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going back to old school | 9:21 am | 13 April 2006

kevin sealI’ve got errands to run today, and having found these clips of R.E.M. on Letterman c. 1983,* I’m feeling a little nostalgic and thought I’d whip together a 120 Minutes (Kevin Seal-era) highlight playlist. Whoops. For all the technological advances that allow me to do this with files on a computer instead of painstakingly sitting in front of a turntable with artful use of pause/play/record, you can still only fit seventy paltry minutes of music on a regular CD. Which, really, totally sucks. Our CD changer is in the trunk (tape up front! easy!), and it’s really pathetic to make multiple CDs that aren’t really all that rewriteable and are much more fragile. SO: I am going to pick up some beautiful magnetic tape that fits a good TWO HOURS of music on it (120 minutes, get it?!), and make some real mixes. And I’m going to stop at the mall and pick up some Obsession to make the fun complete. Today’s (short!) playlist in the comments.
*Thanks, Quiddity!!

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