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New Dawn Fades | 3:54 pm | 3 November 2004

I think it’s really saying something, that listening to Joy Division is making me feel less grim than listening to NPR was.

Hmmm srrr Sweet! mmmm aaaarr | 9:20 am | 18 October 2004

The Glenn Gould De-Vocalizer 2000.

I deserve a lot of tat | 1:17 pm | 23 September 2004

This may be heresy in some circles but I’m starting to prefer the recording of the Chicago motion picture cast over the Broadway. As much as I ordinarily adore Bebe Neuwirth, her voice can get brassy and annoying and Queen Latifah gives a much earthier, sexier, and dangerous performance as Mama Morton. Then again, I’ve never heard the original Broadway cast recording. By the way, Fred Ebb died last week.

Disturbingly Catchy | 9:39 am | 17 September 2004

lt Rubs the Lotion on its Skin.
via Metafilter

Johnny Ramone RIP | 9:34 am |

Guitar tab from “I Wanna Be Sedated.” But since Joey’s not dead, I doubt Johnny really is.

Call me Lamont | 8:49 am | 9 September 2004

rubber tree from curb
I found this lovely on the curb in Milwaukee as its former owner was hauling it out. In it’s honor, there’s new music in the sidebar (it’s the long version!).


Be seeinghearing you! | 10:23 am | 10 August 2004

Speaking of The Prisoner (which I am finally seeing thanks to BBCAmerica), is the theme music a riff of Rachmaninov’s Vocalise?

My kingdom for a bigbooteleg! | 12:33 pm | 6 August 2004

I need the music from the end Buckaroo Banzai on my iPod’s “walkies” mix — it’s great to walk to, it’s stuck in my head, I only have 30 seconds of it on mp3, and THEY NEVER RELEASED A FUCKING SOUNDTRACK. Help! I may have to buy the DVD tonight and rip it off of that.

squash mushroom, eat coin | 3:12 pm | 13 July 2004

A brilliant piano performance of the Mario music that’s burned into my brain. Also, the sheet music. Buhduht-duht-dah-duht-DUHT.
Via Jason Santa Maria

A message of peace from Herves Villachez | 12:20 pm | 28 June 2004

Why do People Have to Fight?
via Scrubbles

NEEEEEEELY o’HAAAARRRRRA!!!! | 6:03 pm | 8 June 2004

I don’t know what will give you a headache worse — Patty Duke Sings Songs From Valley Of The Dolls And Other Selections or the throbbing background of the site. Rowr!
Via Scrubbles

AirPort Express | 2:41 pm |

airtunesStream your mighty iTunes library to your stereo with this lovely little wireless hub. Plug it into the wall behind your stereo, add a network and an a/v cable, and control it from your computer. (It does other cool things, too.) I’m ordering one toot sweet! Question: when does the WiFiPod come out?

pop, culture, tv | 3:11 pm | 3 June 2004

Johnny StaccatoWhile I’m thrilled that Trio is sharing the frightening Pink Lady & Jeff and Cop Rock, what I’m really digging is Johnny Staccato, starring John Cassavetes and featuring an awesome Elmer Bernstein jazz score over Saul-Bass-y titles. If I could find an mp3 of the out-of-print music, that would be awesome. UPDATE: Sweet! Russ found the theme on the iTunes Music Store. 99¢ and it’s mine!

Last night I dreamt that I was talking to an exboyfriend (who was so into pop culture & media he has a Ph.D. in it) about the relative merits of Trio vs. BBC America, and that while conceptually BBCA should be my dream channel, Trio is more interesting and should just take over BBCA so they can start raiding their vaults.

I bet you they won’t play this song on the radio | 1:42 pm | 28 May 2004

“The FCC Song,” by Eric Idle. My new favorite record.

for geeks who play music | 12:55 pm |

Futuama Guitar Tabs. Jima, does that translate for your ukelele?

I’m Not Sorry | 3:32 pm | 27 April 2004

Stephen MorrisseyMorrissey’s got a new album coming out. Yay. I’ve only listened to the clips once so it’s too early for me to comment on the music but I like it so far. Also, a little bit of age and maybe eating a sandwich or two finally have turned him very, very handsome. Irish blood, indeed.


the beat | 9:51 am | 21 April 2004

Who will save rock & roll?

hat tip | 4:42 pm | 15 April 2004

Thanks to Russ for the M. Doughty!!

die hippies die | 9:43 am | 14 April 2004

Does anyone seriously listen to current folk music?? There’s a terrible anti-war folkie bumper on the radio right now and if it goes for another 10 seconds I’m changing the channel. And do you think that people write shitty folk songs about cars just so they can be featured on Car Talk?

Cool Neighbor of Mystery | 1:05 pm | 26 March 2004

Someone’s using our wireless network – and sharing their iTunes. (This playlist, “I Protect You From Me” just magically appeared.) They’ve got pretty cool taste in music (i.e., like mine) and so I’m getting to try out some new artists. This intarweb thing kicks ass.

ouh la la | 12:05 pm | 24 March 2004

Bardot A Go Go: The History of 60s French Music.

music of the spaghetti west | 11:26 am |

The Independent interviews Ennio Morricone.

Slap me on the patio | 11:19 am | 11 March 2004

I was looking for a job, and then I found a job, and heaven knows I’m miserable now: The Coloring Book. I’ve been listening to a lot of The Smiths this last week and I’d forgotten how much ass they kicked.

Fujiyama Mama | 12:37 pm | 11 December 2003

New music in the sidebar, finally.

yippee i ay | 11:23 am | 3 December 2003

TwangCast is alive and well, yay!

I can’t decide | 8:49 am | 8 October 2003

Who I hate more:
a) Randy Newman
b) Elton John
c) Bob Dylan
Right now, though, NPR is playing Overrated Annoying Hack “A,” so he’s number 1 for a loud “shut the fuck up!”

in black for the man in black | 7:27 am | 12 September 2003

RIP Johnny Cash.

go team riaa | 1:04 pm | 9 September 2003

When not at the playground with her friends, “Biggie Brianna” is trading music files from her home in New York.

No More One Spot Fringe Heads | 10:36 am | 23 August 2003

RIP Wesley Willis. I saw him many times at the Cactus Club; once on a double bill with Neil Hamburger (wierd night!). Poor guy. I hope the voices in his head are giving him a rest now.

White and Red Striped Finger | 9:53 am | 8 August 2003

Aha – So this is why the concert was postponed twice. We got our tickets in the mail for the Eagles Club show, yay! And since the show isn’t in the middle of hot sweaty August as originally planned, I can wear a cute outfit. Double Yay!

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