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dj spoon | 5:26 pm | 12 November 2010

Dancing in the kitchen to Sly, the Staples Singers, HAIR, and the Sex Pistols.

dr. qui | 8:49 am | 3 June 2008

Ah, gorbless da innernets. I love that if you’ve got a nerdy question or idea, someone else has already taken that football and run with it. Last night, I was thinking about the theme music from Doctor Who, and trying to imagine it out as a pleasant little acoustic guitar piece. Well, there’s tons of guitar tabs out there; better yet is this Belgian jazz version for the piano by comedian Bill Bailey.

aww yeah whoOOOO | 4:05 am | 24 April 2008

So I finally got around to listening to that version of Running with the Devil with David Lee Roth’s vocal track isolated, and now Paul and Storm have a megamix AND the growls and grunts and woooos spun out into their very own tracks. My new ringtone? Awesome.

tuxedos + popcorn | 10:19 am | 12 December 2007

The Met’s HD simulcasts to movie theaters is coming to Madison. Twenty-two dollars might sound like a lot, but given that even the Madison Opera’s nosebleed tickets are $85 and they sell out immediately, that’s not bad at all — especially given that the schedule is mostly things that aren’t presented by regional or city opera companies very often, if ever. The only question for me is what one should wear…

heaven knows I’m miserable now | 10:19 am | 16 November 2007

I got the new(ish) Morrisey album off iTunes and started listening to it last night. Why was I surprised that it was so depressing? I should know better, duh.

Doctor Whosx | 8:28 am | 31 October 2007

The Leopard intro movie’s music is totally wrong, it really needs to be this.

every Eurovision winner | 9:59 am | 17 April 2007

Nice collection of videos on YouTube.
Thanks, Quiddity!

the synchopated image | 3:27 pm | 12 June 2006

Jazz and design innovation.

sesame street time sink | 1:11 pm | 24 April 2006

A listing of all the Sesame Street videos on YouTube. I use the ringing from this one on my phone. Baaah-RING.

going back to old school | 9:21 am | 13 April 2006

kevin sealI’ve got errands to run today, and having found these clips of R.E.M. on Letterman c. 1983,* I’m feeling a little nostalgic and thought I’d whip together a 120 Minutes (Kevin Seal-era) highlight playlist. Whoops. For all the technological advances that allow me to do this with files on a computer instead of painstakingly sitting in front of a turntable with artful use of pause/play/record, you can still only fit seventy paltry minutes of music on a regular CD. Which, really, totally sucks. Our CD changer is in the trunk (tape up front! easy!), and it’s really pathetic to make multiple CDs that aren’t really all that rewriteable and are much more fragile. SO: I am going to pick up some beautiful magnetic tape that fits a good TWO HOURS of music on it (120 minutes, get it?!), and make some real mixes. And I’m going to stop at the mall and pick up some Obsession to make the fun complete. Today’s (short!) playlist in the comments.
*Thanks, Quiddity!!

Liza with a ‘Z’ – airing April 1 | 1:31 pm | 10 February 2006

Liza with a ‘Z’ has been found, restored, and it’s airing April 1 on Showtime! Bob Fosse’s lost “sixth film” was a one-shot deal with eight cameras on live television, and from the clips I’ve seen and the three(?) Emmys it won and by all accounts, is absolutely spectacular. I’m setting my TiV…..OH SHIT we don’t get Showtime. Note to self, call the satellite company. I hope this is released on DVD afterwards.
UPDATE: It’s available April 4. I don’t know why it didn’t show up when I searched earlier.

You make a dead man.. what? | 8:58 pm | 5 February 2006

Hrm, there seems to be a problem with the audio on tonight’s Superbowl half-time show. Didn’t quite catch what Mick was singing there, it was like the signal mysteriously dropped out. I wonder what’s up with that. Hunh.

Wha’ Happen?! | 10:18 am | 7 November 2005

Speaking of “wha happen?!,” this Ask MetaFilter thread answered the question of what Fred Willard was referencing in A Mighty Wind.

I would like to see her try to take on Zod | 3:35 pm | 18 October 2005

A probing analysis of Gwen Stefani’s ‘Hollaback Girl’:

Gwen is apparently the captain of the cheerleader squad; she is the girl who “hollas� the chants, not one of the girls who simply “hollas� them back. Given that the squad is preparing to beat somebody up on Gwen’s behalf, she’s picked a strange time to remind them that she is their leader and they are her sheep-like followers. Gwen obviously rules her squad with an iron fist.

First we take the Beer Barrell | 5:19 pm | 17 October 2005

I’ve got my iPod on shuffle, and DJ Lil’ Whitey seems to be very fond of Leonard Cohen, and polka.

bitter heart | 1:06 pm | 5 October 2005

More than you ever wanted to know about Seona Dancing, Ricky Gervais’ band from the ’80s. We’ve been watching The Office and Extras, and they’re both brilliant.

Pop Six Squish Un-uh Lipschitz | 4:14 pm | 3 October 2005

Yay! We were still able to get top-drawer seats for Chicago. I’m listening to the soundtrack (yes, again) and every time I hear it, I catch some nuance I hadn’t picked up before. Kander + Ebb, they’s brilliant.

wierd singing guy | 11:44 am | 2 September 2005

My brother sent me this wierd singing guy. My ears!

Lonely Rolling Star | 9:07 am | 26 July 2005

The Katamari Damacy music is so sweet and catchy, I listen to it all the time — and need to find some more like it. Here are the lyrics to Lonely Rolling Star, and here is a long review of the upcoming sequel, We Love Katamari. Kawaaaiiiiiiii!

and all that jazz | 3:51 pm | 20 July 2005

In case you, like I, have been listening to the Chicago soundtrack again and again, and suddenly wondered, “what the hell is up with rouging your knees?,” wonder no more:

Women, celebrating such liberties as the right to vote…, were now more daring than ever before. It was considered fun to smoke, visit speakeasies, wear makeup, swear, and otherwise shock conventional thinkers. In 1927 when short skirts were all the rage; young women strove to show off their knees with increasing abandon. Many girls even rolled down their stockings and painted rouge on their knees in an effort to emulate a “naughty schoolgirl� look.

Courtesy of Greengrl and Google!

Speaking of Roxie Hart, it’s waaaaaay quiet in cubeland this week – so while I’m on a musical jag I can dance along in my chair to Sandy and Danny and everyone else — and nobody can see. Rock on!

you like it, it likes you | 3:17 pm | 13 June 2005

Fresca gets a fresh look. I love it! Soda labels are so overdetermined lately, with elegance and simplicity reserved for only high-end waters. This is crisp and fresh, like the taste, and very naughties.

Naughties or not, Fresca always makes me want to listen to The Smiths: when I was in high school, the soda machine at the Exclusive Company featured the elusive Fresca, and for the low, low price of 35c. a can.

The Blog Post that Goes Like This | 2:01 pm | 8 June 2005

I’m listening to the Spamalot cast album, and it’s kind of something I shouldn’t be listening to at work — I’m drawing too much attention for laughing out loud.
That’s really sort of sad, isn’t it?

hooray for the Gayest night on tv (besides monday night football) | 9:38 pm | 5 June 2005

the Tonies! Yay. Questions:

  1. Why is this little annoying queen talentless hack thinking when he’s impersonating this even more annoying, overrated queen?
  2. “Who’s this moistened bint with a cup in her hand?,” asks Russ…
  3. of COURSE it’s a METAPHOR, is there really anyone yet who hasn’t read The DaVinci Code?
  4. STROBE! damned seizures
  5. “Find your grail. With Miller High Life, the Champagne of Beers.” -Russ
  6. Oh, Kathleen Turner, your plastic surgeon is not your friend. That’s a shame.
  7. Notable: first, hopefully last, winner thanks “god”
  8. What is UP with that fucking TIAA/Cref ad? It’s all about selling health insurance, but if they knew where the song came from — DUDE, THEY DIED. And sing the damned song right, anway. OMFG!!!! Hugh Jackman is FUCKING SINGING IT. RIGHT NOW. How the hell much did they pay for THAT?!
  9. Speaking of ads, can there be more? Starting with a 20 minute TiVo buffer, plus 30 minutes for dinner… and we’re out of buffer. Jeeeebus.
  10. Suppose I was a Bee. A Gay Bee… or, Tevye…
  11. SEVEN MINUTES of commercials? Oy.
  12. and finally: How do you win best musical but none of the rest of what you’ve been nominated for, and how do you win best musical, the grand finale of the night, but get orchestraed off in fifteen seconds?

Overall, though, this was way more fun than the Oscars; better writing, better performances, and just way, way happier. One thing that would be great, is if in addition to all the musical numbers, they featured scenes from all the nominated plays.

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? | 2:07 pm | 12 April 2005

Signals vs. Noise observes about iPod One:

resident Bush’s iPod, dubbed iPod One, contains no black artists, no gay artists, no world music, only one woman, no genre less than 25 years old, and no Beatles.

Which is sort of telling, but I don’t know what else they expected. I mean, the dude screams “Crap Rock.”

She hangs out, and does what? | 2:12 pm | 16 March 2005

What dance move is the shigaling?
Update:A-ha! Helps if you spell it right. It’s the SHING-a-ling.

iWant | 9:02 am | 10 March 2005

Sweet, sweet iPod speakers and travel system, for under $100. Of course, our iPods are too old to work with them, but still…

Dear Dave Chapelle | 9:13 am | 9 March 2005

Please make a whole big long “what if the Monkees were black?” sketch.
Thank you!
a fan

it’s not so crappy | 8:41 pm | 6 February 2005

“Watching” the Superbowl, and I have to say that as cheesy and awful as I was expecting the half-time show to be, this is actually pretty preferable to the over-produced, fireworks-and-excess shit they usually do. If there has to be a band bigger than the local high school marching band — this is supposedly a football game, after all — the minimalist but colorful set and simple focus on Paul McCartney is really nice. What’s up with the audience, though?

Oh, wait, “Live and Let Die.” Here come the fireworks.

No – wait – the glowsticks from above with the blue circles~! Fucking beautiful!

OK, the “na na na” cards doing the wave are really kinda gey. Is that Jon bon Jovi on the geetar?

SABADABADA! | 6:46 pm | 28 January 2005

A delicious Motherlode of great Brazilian pop music from the 60s, that has sucked my entire day away.
Via Boing Boing

Callas Forever | 11:10 am | 4 November 2004

This could be great or terrible in a great way, but I’m so there. I’ve been checking out Parterre Box since I wrote a study guide for Master Class, and it was a treat to hear JJ on this morning’s NPR piece.

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