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Retired | 10:16 am | 1 November 2004, election 2004 edition


The election is tomorrow, and with that, we return to the Swiss Army 2004 Dynagirl. Here’s hoping to a new president-elect on Wednesday morning.

July 2001 – May 2004 | 12:26 pm | 3 May 2004

Dynagirl 2001 redesign
Still green and black. All CSS layout! Validated code but some naughty double <br /> to work around MovableType’s handling of line breaks.


2000 | 11:53 am | 1 October 2000, 2000 redesignIn the year two thousand… …in the year two thousand. Major overhaul and expansion. CSS for style, still tables for layout, newly discovered server-side includes. Hand-coded the blog through July 2001 and then got wise to GreyMatter.


1999 | 12:03 pm | 1 January 1999 1999 iterationBefore the redesign and expansion, and well after I had learned a lot more about code, design, etc. Basically the 1998 page, changed to remind myself to update and also to let y’all know that the page was way, way out of date.


1998 | 12:06 pm | 1 January 1998, 1997 siteGreen, and black.


1997 | 12:11 pm | 5 June 1997 1996First version ever. Pink and purple. Don’t look at the code. Unless for a giggle. (Or the page, for that matter!) It was made with Netscape Composer and as I was just learning how to do stuff.


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