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Rogues category

Sweater #4 – Little Rogue Riding Hood | 8:34 am | 7 November 2005

On the importance of gauge swatches:
red Rogue cardigan, way too big
Dammit! What a silly, silly knitter. DeeDee can’t believe it. I’d made this sweater once before, but with a different yarn. TAHKI DONGEAL TWEED IS NOT CASCADE 220 and doesn’t give the same stitches per inch on the same needles. I should totally know better than this.

red Rogue cardigan front, after felting
A trip through the washing machine sure helped! About a quarter of the way through the felting, I cut the steek. You can’t really see it well in the photo, but this is how I did it, where ^ is the crochet chain anchor, and I cut away the three knit stitches in the middle.

} p k^ p kkk p ^k p {

At Thanksgiving, my mom is going to help me put the zipper in. I think it needs a pewter, celtic-knot button at the neck.
red Rogue cardigan back, after felting

Diversions: Rogue #2, Intarsia Bag | 11:42 am | 5 November 2004

sleeves for Rogue
I’m still plugging along on my Dad’s sweater, but when I get bored with that, I take a break and work on something small. Or rather, something I think will be small… Here are the sleeves for Rogue #2, which will be a cardigan. I’ll start working on the body with Mac on December 19. Meanwhile, I’ve also been working on the Nikki Epstein Felted Floral Bag (Fall ’04 IK); comedy may not be pretty, but intarsia is even less so. At one point, I had about fifteen separate little bobbins of yarn floating along. I was thinking about making the back of the bag solid black, but that would be a) cheating and b) actually more tedious because it’s boring and c) what else am I going to do with that yarn? I’m not looking forward to the handles, and am hoping that I can get my little magic i-cord maker to work with this weight of yarn.
Nikki Epstein Floral Felted Bag


Rogue (sweater #2) is finished! | 12:56 pm | 17 June 2004

Rogue hooded sweater finishedRogue is finally done! (This means it will be very hot outside soon.) The silly pose is to show off the cable detailing. I left off the pocket. Complex cables = easy peasy. Seaming set-in sleeves = pain in the ass. It probably needs a wash and block session; I’m waiting until I get some Eucelan or whatever is the Good Soap for Sweaters.

I have a lot of other things in the queue, but I’d love to have a tweedy red cardigan (3/14/04 entry) version of it, or at least just a tweedy red one! Again, for reference, this was Cascade 220 in color #9237 on #8 Addi Turbos.

Click the photo for a larger image.


unfinished business | 11:59 am | 24 May 2004

Rogue hood and sleeve 1Rogue now has a hood (sort of) and one sleeve. When I say it “sort of” has a hood, I mean that all was well and good until I got to the end of the decreases and realized that they are seriously off-center: the back of the hood is swung off dangerously close to the back of the right earlobe. What. The. Fuck? The center stitches and increases seem to be in the right place — but the decreases, which do follow in a straight line up from those, are obviously wrong. I haven’t frogged it back yet, in the hopes that I can figure out / get help with how to unravel and re-hook the wayward stitches. One sleeve is done, and the other is barely started. I was bored with the stockinette sleeves and I’m frustrated with the hood, so I’ve been spending more quality time with Stornoway. Two rows a day! Quel satisfaction.


Stornoway, about 30 rows into the patterning.


The colors are seriously whack in these photos, as the Rogue is much more like the previous entry, and the dark navy Frangipani that is Stornoway is super-dark navy.

Rogue body | 10:58 am | 19 April 2004

body of Rogue, neither hood nor sleevesFinished the body of Rogue this weekend and I need to give my wrists a rest tonight but I’m champing at the bit to get at the hood. Also I need to maybe try to fix the start of the throat cable. I’m not sure if I’m going to sew up the hem as per the pattern or sew it up in the little roll it makes, I think it’s pleasing like it is. (It’s also several rows shorter there than the pattern because I didn’t like the depth of it as written.) This is the Cascade 220 in color #9237 from the gansey debacle, knit on #8 Addi turbos. If I hadn’t had all that yarn on hand, I’d have looked for a lightly tweedy yarn since there’s such a large expanse of stockinette. The Cascade 220 is very soft for being wool, and I don’t think it’d be itchy on bare skin.

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