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Dales category

Dale of Norway: Setesdal | 8:14 am | 1 August 2006

Setesdal, a childrens sweater in a Norwegian style from Dale of NorwayFrom Soft Treasures for Little Ones, I’m finally done with this. It’s for a friend’s baby, and I was worried that it may be too small as I ws working on it (I know nothing [yet] about how big or small babies are) but… well! This way she’ll have something to wear to kindergarten.

Here’s the inside, you can see the sleeve facing that needs finishing:
inside of Setesdal sweater

Mr MagpieDynagirl wonders why I made it so small:
Russ with Setesdal sweater

Dale of Norway Team Norge 2002 | 8:23 pm | 10 August 2004

team norge hatHey Big-Headed Paul, your hat is ready! Sorry it’s not in Hauk — it’s not quite available yet — but it will be plenty warm, especially if you’re getting it lined. Sorry about the crappy picture.

For once I went up to the size 3 needles when I got past the fold line as per the pattern, and I think that when I do DoN in the future I’ll stick with the No. 2s — I like the firmness of the resulting fabric a little better; maybe just for accessories, though. We’ll see.


Dale of Lambeau | 11:41 am | 26 March 2004

Dale of Lambeau hatFinished this the other week. I had a bunch of extra gold from the other hats and a skein of dark green I bought by mistake. Not being one to keep a big stash, and being a fan of the Best Football Team Ever In the World and Future… I put two and two together, bought a patch off of eBay, and voila! Dale of Lambeau. I made the lining extra long to both use up more yarn and keep heads extra warm during winter games.

Lest you think that all I shall ever knit is this same damned hat pattern, I am eight inches into Alice Starmore’s Stornoway (Fishermen’s Sweaters). It’s in navy Frangipani and it’s more than 400 stitches around. Progress is slow – I knit fairly fast, and it’s taking about an hour each row. Stornoway is my Christmas present to my father from 2003 (he picked th pattern and color) and I hope he gets it in time to wear this Christmas. I’ve also cast on for Rogue with the Cascade 220 from the Great Gansey Goof, and am four rounds into the body. After working on Stornoway and all those Dale hats, this yarn and #8 needles seems chunky to me, and I can’t believe how fast it’s going, at 10-15 minutes a round. It’s rather gratifying!


Red St. Moritz hat | 11:37 am | 27 January 2004

red Dale St. Moritz hat
Finally, something for myself. Of course, as I was stitching the patch, Russ said “hurry and finish it so I can steal it from you.” Nice!

I have a lot of the gold left, and some dark green so I’m going to make a Dale of Lambeau hat with a Packers G patch. w00+.


Dale St. Moritz hat | 8:26 am | 1 December 2003

Dale of Norway St. Moritz hatFinished it! Well, mostly. I’m blocking it now, and will add the awesome wee patch after that. I managed to get an extra stripe in there, and an extra three stitches that will be well camoflaged by the patch. This was my first foray into knitting with more than one color at a time, and I have to say that it’s not at all hard. I would like to figure out how to carry the yarns on separate hands, though, as I hear that’s faster. If you want to see it bigger (and oh, I know you do), click on the picture.


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