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saucisson sec, day 1 | 7:31 am | 5 November 2010

saucisson sec, day 1
This captures so well the grim determination that’s needed for first-time sausage making. Armed with Charcuterie, The Art of Fermented Sausages, and, err… Charcuterie, our long-term goal may be to get good at making tasty, tasty meat products, but our short-term goal is to not die.

Our shortest-term goal starting out was harder than it seemed. While we did ok on the provisioning (thanks, internet!), and I already had a meat grinder, the stuffing doesn’t really go so well without the right tools. A big pastry bag is great, but you really need the long nozzle of a trumpet to jam the casings up. (Like putting on stockings: you start by pre-loading them at the foot, rather than just trying to shove your leg in them.) The meat went back into the freezer for two days, while Amazon swooped in with the Kitchen-Aid grinder attachment + sausage stuffer tubes. Do NOT buy! It worked …ok, but the amount of product you can get through the masher at a time is paltry. Sure, they’ll sell you a big piece of plastic you can attach to pile more on, but you’re still stuck feeding the mill–and for all the power of the KA motor, you’re really still doing a lot of work: you have to push that plunger very hard to keep the sausage going through at any speed. Plunge, reload, plunge–it’s a drag, and results in a ton of air pockets to prick. Also, the tubes are plastic; for the same price, you can get metal over at Butcher-Packer. I’m sending the grinder attachment back: next time, we’ll shove the trumpet tube inside a pastry bag.

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