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Master Class #47 | 6:34 am | 10 September 2007

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, vol. 1
Oeufs en Croustades a la Bernaise | Poached Eggs and Mushrooms, Bernaise SauceOeufs en Croustades à la Bérnaise, p. 120
Poached Eggs and Mushrooms, Bérnaise Sauce

Gratin de Quenelles de PoissonGratin de Quenelles de Poisson, p. 185 – 188
Fish Quenelles
Quenelles Gratinéd in White Wine Sauce
Fish Mousse

Oh, dear, the backlog. I made this all at the end of July…
The poached eggs are delicious and easy. The Quenelles, need a little more practice. The great thing, though, is that the base can be made into all kinds of different things. The little fish dumplings were very good on their own, but somehow a little overwhelming. Maybe more fishy than our palate is accustomed to? When the quenelles stopped working in my pot, losing their shape, the better recipe was found by, as recommended, pureéing what’s left. I spooned that into little dished, added some cheese on top, threw them under the broiler–et voila!–a delicious mousse.

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