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wtf expensive homebrew | 7:16 am | 15 April 2011

Personal Brewery Is All-In-One Beer Factory—because brewing was SO HARD before this!

The only step this saves is siphoning the beer from the fermenter into your bottles (or keg, if you’re fancy). Bottling five gallons takes me, oh, about an hour. For only $4500, I’ll get that hour back! Huzzah.

what’s brewing | 4:30 pm | 19 December 2010

Racked Sven’s Oatmeal stout, and brewing Hammerhead Porter. Long mash!

what’s brewing | 4:26 pm | 5 December 2010

Racked the Warbler Pale Ale, and brewed the Sven’s Oatmeal Stout.

what’s brewing | 8:25 am | 24 November 2010

Bottled the Rachel-in-Dairyland cream ale, racked the Red Foxx, and brewed another batch of Warbler Pale Ale.

Yay, Saturdays. | 2:10 pm | 13 November 2010

Brewing Badger Red Foxx Ale as he spins up the funk and acid/jazz on the downloader. Yay, Saturdays.

whew | 8:26 pm | 7 November 2010

Bottled the Russian Imperial Stout and the Oktoberfest; racked the cream ale; made beef stock and turned it into French onion soup; made the sauce for tomorrow’s lasagna; stuffed the sopressata; he made chicken pot pie and lemon curd torte… the kitchen is going to be glad tomorrow’s Monday!

what’s cooking | 9:45 am | 30 October 2010

Racking the Russian Imperial Stout; might need to pick up another carboy so I can do the same with the Oktoberfest. Also, the boeuf bourguignon in the oven for tomorrow night smells awesome.

what’s brewing | 7:22 am | 23 September 2010

Bottled the California Golden Ale last night.

what’s brewing | 8:53 pm | 19 September 2010

Smokey the (alt) Beer now occupying Fermenter #2.

what’s brewing | 11:45 am | 18 September 2010

Dry-hopped the 10-Forward dark brown ale, and racked the California golden. Hope the CA will be ready before the supply of Kölsch and Groundskeeper Willie runs out!

what’s brewing | 12:34 pm | 18 July 2010

Bottled scotch ale / brewed a different scotch ale / brewed a kölsch.

what’s brewing | 12:44 am | 21 June 2010

Bottled the biere de garde / racked the dark ale / just brewed a weiss: …relaxing, and no longer worried.

what’s brewing | 6:48 pm | 29 May 2010

Bottled the wit, racked the porter, brewing the bier de de garde tomorrow; next: uncorking the Scotch ale.

what’s brewing | 11:42 pm | 25 April 2010

Dunkelweiss bottled; Scotch ale on the hob, next to a pot of chili.

what’s brewing | 10:33 pm | 20 February 2010

Racked last week’s amber into a carboy, and brewing brown ale this afternoon.

TWEET: BREWING. FUCK YES. | 12:12 am | 14 February 2010


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