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excellent Obama buttons | 9:13 am | 4 September 2008

jazz for obamabreakfast for obama
If I were the button-wearing type, I’d wear these. There’s lots more. And the dude! Too bad there’s not a similar Achievers edition.

ham salad | 8:44 pm | 7 April 2008

I just Googled “ham salad” + “popularity trends.” Nuthin’ much there, so, if you’d like to do a research study or foodie-journalism expo… you could start there if you want.

how about now? | 8:50 am | 29 October 2007

Is it Christmas?

30 years ago today | 6:57 pm | 21 September 2007

the shark was jumped

apple TV history | 5:59 am | 9 July 2007

Looks like it’s been on deck for years. Probably better timing with the rest of technology to wait until now.

Master Class #46 | 9:37 am | 8 May 2007

piperade: open-faced omelette garnished with onions, peppers, tomatoes and hamMastering the Art of French Cooking, vol. 1
Pipérade, pp. 137-8
Open-faced omlette garnished with onions, peppers, tomatoes and ham

I thought this seemed too simple to be really great — it’s just onions, peppers, tomatoes and a little garlic sautéed with eggs and ham — but served with a crisp white wine and a baguette, it was a gorgeous little supper.

Comeback of the Day | 8:43 am | 13 March 2007


This one, I think gets bumped up to “of the Year” status.

so much Nyquil… | 2:02 pm | 18 January 2007

…that, as my brother quipped, it smells like Iceland in here. Meh.

Quite Possibly a new record | 3:12 pm | 12 October 2006

Furnace: ON.
It may be the twelfth of October, we may not have gotten new furnace filters and a check-up yet, but DAMN! it’s 56°F in here, 34°F outside, and it’s too hard to breathe while coding under a quilt.

reeeangh-reeeeeangh-reeeeangh | 1:59 pm | 20 September 2006

I’ve never been able to actually find the aforementioned Hubzilla. This TARDIS hub is way cooler, and available. And on its way to me! Stupid shops no US shipping… HOOORAY EBAY.

scream on down the road | 12:15 am | 29 July 2006

I’m sitting here at four minutes past midnight (on a FRiDAY; god, I am SUCH A FUCKING ROCKSTAR AND YOU KNOW IT), weaving in ends and doing miscellaneous finishing business on a baby sweater for a friend, and meanwhile, catching up with the TiVo — and I see now, why, as a child, despite being very much into musicals, I was fucking terrified of The Wiz.


omgwtfbbq?! This is one fucked. up. movie.
And I’m SO buying the soundtrack tomorrow.

*probably, then also on late night televison, under a misguided babysitter. This so explains both my fascination with Nipsy Russell and my fear of Big City Subway Turnstiles. AND WIERD SUBWAY MONSTERS AND THEIR CRACKHEAD MASTERS. (And crack. And tile.) No. You don’t ever want to be in the playground of my mind.

**although the fact that Toto is a miniature schnauzer makes me really happy… and also fits right into the 70s trippy milieu ( we had a schnauzer, too; albeit better groomed than this one ), as well as the linoleum yellow brick road that looks like the vinyl uplholstery on the kitchen chairs in my grandmother’s house.

random sentences I have loved | 3:02 pm | 7 July 2006

Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!

The standpipe water absorbed pulsations of the reticulating, steam-driven engines.

There is no Regulon in the semiosphere.

Free tech school in basement: GO RIGHT IN | 10:49 am | 3 July 2006

free tech school in basement“Hey!” a man said as I walked by. He seemed friendly, and had a thick Jackie Mason accent. “Young man, do you want to learn electrical engineering?”

…and a YouTube clip. What a hero!

VISIO: how I hate you | 1:02 pm | 9 June 2006

I can set the measurement units in CICEROS.
I can set the measurement units in DIDOTS.
hours, minutes, seconds, too.

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