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survey says | 2:04 pm | 27 October 2010

Calling all web builders! I took it and so should you—The Survey For People Who Make Websites, 2010: http://j.mp/alasurvey2010

TWEET: @panic any way … | 2:58 pm | 31 August 2010

@panic any way I can rewire Coda’s [redacted] implementation of backspace in the terminal? This ^H^H^H^H^H^H^+restart is making me sweary.

^H^H^H backspace, dammit! | 12:56 pm | 16 August 2010

I just got Snow Leopard* and it’s blown away some obscure tricks I’d left for myself. This is a note to future me, should I need to fix Coda’s annoying preference of ^H instead of backspace in their terminal window.

As nice as Coda’s UI can be, I’d ditch it, if I could just get TextMate to play nicely with remote projects.

*yes, finally; upgrading from Adobe CS2 had to be in the budget first…

kill trailing spaces with TextMate | 9:47 am | 28 July 2010

I hate untidy code, and always work with invisibles showing. Regardless, sometimes spacecruft slips through. Here’s two ways to fix that:

  1. custom language bundle that highlights the offending space
  2. macro using the built-in strip-trailing-spaces command on save

I’ve gone with the first option: I think it’s nicer to keep yourself in the habit of watching your code, rather than relying on the software. Also, as the author notes, it blows away any bookmarking and code folds. If you’re working with large files and hit save at least every five minutes like I do, well… that sucks as much as Coda’s lack of code folding does.

Facebook CSS workaround number infinity | 9:11 am | 16 June 2010

If you’ve ever had to deal with any development for Facebook, you’ll remember that they strip out browser hacks from your CSS–fun for you, when the client OMG needs something to work in IE6. They also strip out the more forward-y browser-specific styles, while using them liberally themselves.

Their CSS, which was putting an unfortunate border on our buttons:

.uiButtonSuppressed:focus { -moz-box-shadow: 0 1px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1); }

Here’s how to get around that:

.uiButton:after {
display: block;
color: #fff;
margin-top: 44px; /* height of your button */
border-top: 1px solid #fff; }


update your browser already | 10:07 pm | 12 August 2009

I just installed my favorite WordPress plug-in ever: Shockingly Big IE6 Warning http://bit.ly/15mEI4

zen software dev scheduling | 6:57 am | 10 August 2009

When writers write, they discover what they actually think. When developers develop, they discover what the customer actually needed. Both conclusions happen near the end of the process, and invariably require going back and starting all over again. Nobody knows what the program should do until it doesn’t do it.”

save for later | 7:10 pm | 29 July 2009

resize <object> to source’s content height: http://bit.ly/23jS3T (link is about iframe, but works either way)

tweet: @casey_mk “abandoning web … | 7:43 pm | 24 June 2009

@casey_mk “abandoning web standards” implies MS/Office ever followed them…

queens of code smash! | 9:37 pm | 1 June 2009

RT @amyhoy now “The Kings of Code,” that’s a sexist conference. you may all unleash the bees in your bonnet. *stands back*

youtube trick – add a cue to the URL | 4:03 pm | 3 December 2008

You can cue the video to where you want it by appending to the URL, like so http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7Dw60SVXQ4#t=0m45s

This is excellent, especially if one’s only interested in one bit, for instance, when we’re getting antsy to push something live. It doesn’t seem to work for their Flash embed:

…ah well. Now nobody gives two fucks for Bela.

HTTP Status Code 417 Explained | 12:05 pm | 25 March 2008

No, you can’t have a pony.

new horror genre idea | 4:28 pm | 12 December 2007

{jmac} but that’s not this, ’cause it should definitely at least try, and then fail spectacularly

{me} *hearts it when things fail spectacularly.*
  err, ok by things i mean code
  not life-critical things
  err, ok by things i mean code and by code i mean dev code
  not traffic lights and other important real code

{jmac} new horror movie: br****nt coded your pacemaker

{me} omg i LOLd for real

{jmac} <grin>

code snippet of the day | 4:07 pm | 29 October 2007

[% IF gimmelove > 0 %]

It could be argued that since this application is built with Perl/Catalyst/Template Toolkit, the answer would never be more than zero… but I still appreciate the Easter Egg!

silly lawyers should read their laws | 3:49 pm | 17 October 2007

im in ur source code, laffing at ur HTML

testing some code | 8:47 am | 22 September 2007

(Cute, not icky.) | 8:29 am | 27 July 2007

Nice short web spot from Europe about blood donation.
via adverblog

handy web designer widgets | 6:22 am | 9 July 2007

HTML entity character lookup and Character Pal.

web development in a nutshell | 11:54 am | 11 June 2007

A Chinese court has jailed two officials after they let a blind contractor build a bridge which collapsed during construction and injured 12 people, the official Xinhua news agency said Monday…. “After the blind contractor changed the blueprint, he carried out the work only using a roughly drawn draft of the plan, which caused the bridge to collapse,” the report said. Xinhua did not explain how the contractor was able to run the project considering his inability to see.

Via Tha Bryzzzah

railz rul3z lol | 11:55 am | 26 March 2007

WTF is up with PERL.

snif: useful image directory information | 1:56 pm | 12 February 2007

Bryan found this neat little php file that you dump into the images directory of a web site and it gives you an index page with a table of thumbnails, complete with file type, size, and date added. Totally handy!

IE7 edit menu ignores address bar | 12:30 pm | 6 February 2007

Nifty! Not only is IE7’s File/Edit/View/Etc. menu in a really stupid place below the toolbar*, the Edit menu doesn’t work. If you select a URL from the address bar and then try to copy it from the Edit menu, it loses focus on the address and you can’t copy it. Paste is similarly fucked up. The right-click contextual menu works, so why not this? Click to watch:
click to watch IE7 edit menu ignoring address bar

You’ll notice that I took this movie on my Mac through Remote Desktop. I tried the copy/paste maneuvering directly on the Windows (XP) box, with the same results. I also tried it in Internet Explorers 5-6 and it worked just fine.

Geeks Are Sexy posted a registry hack to move the File/Edit/View/Etc. menu back to the top. I did this and it worked, in terms of moving the menu bar back to where it belongs, but it didn’t fix the copy/paste issue. Swell!

*”Reload” and “stop” are in the extra-stupid place of after the address bar, and no, they can’t be rearranged.

DOMAss – Modular Javascript library | 12:41 pm | 1 February 2007

One of the Big Things on my to-do list this spring is to learn Javascript like a badass. There’s a lot of references out there on the web, and a lot of books… but there’s a lot of really shitty references and a lot of shitty books, and I don’t even really know enough to know the difference yet. My HTML and CSS is tight and poetic (and constantly improving), and I want to make sure that my Javascript is just as awesome. On my shelf waiting for me I’ve got Javascript, the Definitive Guide, and Christian Heilmann’s Beginning Javascript with DOM Scripting and AJAX.

I’m looking forward to digging into those, and this
DOMAss – The DOM Assistant library looks useful as well.
via 456 Berea Street

WTF, YouTube? | 2:53 pm | 30 January 2007

<object width="425" height="350">
<param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/gx-NLPH8JeM"></param>
<param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param>
<embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/gx-NLPH8JeM"
width="425" height="350">

Really?! Aw, come on. Thanks for fucking up my perfectly gorgeous and really carefully-written code* whenever a visitor posts a video in a profile or blog comment. Even without addressing bullshit Eolas patent problems and various workarounds, what’s so hard about dishing up the Flash satay that’s been on the menu for oh, five years now? Google video does the same. Feh.

It probably wouldn’t be too tricky to write a little thing for Rails that would automatically rewrite that crap into something prettier. Dave? Bryan? Help a girl out…

* not on this site, a community with non-web-geek users

tons of cool CSS tricks and resources | 9:29 am | 29 January 2007

IE7, CSS testing and multiple IE installations | 4:42 pm | 8 November 2006

We’ve been so busy that I haven’t followed the Internet Explorer 7 betas; from what I was seeing, there were enough changes between each even after they said that all of the layout/rendering development was frozen that it wasn’t worth chasing. Now that it’s out, and being pushed to a good share of Windows users, I spent the morning setting up our testing boat anchor laptop (WinXP/SP2) with IE7, the ability to handle multiple versions of Internet Explorer, and older versions of said devil.

While I first thought that running a virtual machine would be the only solution, it’s pretty crazy to have to do that (and pay for a whole other XP license and whatever extra RAM you need) just to test your web sites in crappy old browsers. I have to say HOOOORAY to Yousif Al Saif for putting together Multiple_IE: a bundle of standalone versions of IE that don’t interfere with each other. Installation was fast and it works great.

Doorbell Instructions | 12:14 pm |

When the mere presence of the bell is not enough.

Looking through all of these, I had a nasty flashback to usability testing. It’s easy to imagine the four-hour, five+ people meeting that would ensue–mostly entirely a discussion of why the labels should read “push button” instead of “ring bell,” since really, there is no bell present and the user is not directly ringing anything. At the two-hour mark, the group would seem to be in agreement that the labels should read “push button to ring bell” because “push button” would be too ambiguous to the user as to the results of such pushing, and would therefore cause the user discomfort, possibly resulting in the user never pushing the button because they were afraid of what might happen. After four hours, everyone would be in agreement–until, inevitably, someone points out that the bell is neither now nor ever visible to the user, so that “push button to ring bell” would be equally distressing to the user because they would never know exactly what bell they were ringing if they pushed the button. At that point, the web designer rips the bubbler off of the wall, heaves it through the window, and runs. [Scene.]

tabbing / tabindex problems in OSX Firefox | 4:25 pm | 20 October 2006

People who have heard me on my soapbox may think that I think that Macs and Firefox are perfect. I never said that! (Even though they’re totally better.) I’ve just spent the afternoon chasing down tab order wierdness in Firefox on the Mac, and dang! that was annoying.

generating pullquotes | 12:54 pm | 20 September 2006

Automatic pullquotes with JavaScript and CSS, from 456 Berea Street. Cool.

PSP Web Browser Simulator | 1:25 pm | 7 September 2006

Test your sites on a PSP Web Browser Simulator. (Windows only.)

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