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different types of words from very far away | 8:42 am | 13 April 2007

How can I learn to recognise more languages?

Fab credits, type from “Thank you for Smoking” | 3:00 pm | 3 April 2006

Gorgeous animation and type, deconstructed here.

type of Web 2.0 | 3:00 pm | 13 March 2006

Type in Web 2.0 logos round, soft and friendly. Also, the official color is chartreuse, but I already knew that. There’s chartreuse everywhere you look in women’s clothing this spring, too.

Helvetica is the new black, but | 12:38 pm | 29 December 2005

I noticed this some time ago already ( the current look, Disco CoolVetica, dates from May 2004 ) — which means that Helvetica, timeless as it is, and as gorgeous as it is, is somewhat played. What, then, is the new brown? Or is Helvetica’s resurgence a harbinger of a larger trend, towards elegant “classics” that may have been ahead of their time with their clean lines and optimistic, future-looking design?

For one thing, look for a lot more Century Gothic, Elephant, Engravers, Futura, with clear colors. Oh, sort of like I already did over here. I wish the client would send me copy so we can launch that already. HI, MOM!!

New from Under Consideration | 4:04 pm | 3 October 2005

The Design Encyclopedia. It’s just started, and it’s fabulous, and will be moreso as it grows.

cöwbell for your letters | 9:46 am | 18 August 2005

Ä Hïstöry öf thë Hëävy Mëtäl Ümläüt.

This post brought to you by the letters Q and M | 1:34 pm | 3 August 2005

A design critique of the (Latin) alphabet.

born on a train | 1:41 pm | 19 July 2005

Metro logos from around the world.
Thanks, CzelticGirl!

loving! the lig | 12:17 pm |


ring, ring, why don’t you give me a call | 8:34 am | 22 June 2005

Gallery of telephone ads from the 1910s – 1970s. Interesting for the language (shall we bring back “to-day”? Let’s do!), typography, technology and sociology.
Via BoingBoing

& tu? | 8:30 am | 15 June 2005

Wow, cool, here’s something I just learned:

The Latin word et (meaning “andâ€?) was first written as two distinct letters, but over time the ‘e’ and ‘t’ were combined into a ligature of sorts. Once the ampersand was accepted as a single character, artistry took over and a more flowing design evolved. … The word “ampersandâ€? is an alteration of the phrase “et, per se andâ€? (that is: “et by itself [means] andâ€?), which became corrupted to “and, per se andâ€?, and finally, ampersand.

UPDATEBut wait, there’s more!

The initial configuration of the exclamation point, which is descended from a logotype for the Latin word io (“joy”), was a capital I set over a lowercase ‘o’. As with the question mark, the design of the exclamation point was gradually streamlined to its present form.

Bare Bones means Comic Sans? | 7:40 am | 2 September 2004

Hicksdesign gives us a non-sucky BBEdit icon.

Helvetica Love | 1:18 pm | 25 August 2004

Helvetica Lovers Anonymous. If this were a real site, I’d sign up. For those of you who care, Dynagirl.com will be returning to the Helvetica-rific Swiss Army design after the US election. (If we have one, that is.)

Movie type | 11:11 am |

Wes Anderson’s World of Futura. Related: the trailer for his new film is out.

why do Germans make the best type? | 12:27 pm | 27 April 2004

I’m usually very happy when I find a font repository that contains nothing I need. Unfortunately, that was not the case with this collection of mostly alte Deutsche typography from Dieter Steffmann where I’ve just spent the last hour downloading really gorgeous stuff.

I am a geek | 3:08 pm | 3 February 2003

I got 8 out of 10 correct on this Arial or Helvetica quiz. Yay, me.

Hello Neils? | 8:51 pm | 17 December 2002

Stare at the phrase “Hell on Heels” long enough and believe me, it makes no sense.

When Typography Goes Bad, Part VII | 9:30 am | 27 November 2002

scary christmas ornament

awesome MoveableType trick | 10:08 am | 26 September 2002

How to get proper typographical quotes and apostrophes (like “ ”) without having to type “ every freakin’ time you need to use them. It’s also advantageous because it separates the content from the style (blah blah blah) and keeps devices that can’t handle all the ’s rendering somewhat properly. DaringFireball has another mod that catches the em dashes, too. Neat! Well, it will be, when I get a chance to fix my MT next week.
via What Do I Know

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