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tweet: RT In Iran, … | 11:38 am | 17 June 2009

RT In Iran, “Pretty” Is Sometimes The Protest http://bit.ly/ArVk1
#iranelection #GR88

silver lining | 11:32 am | 21 April 2009

Good news for your eyes, at least, in this economy; in amongst the list of twelve brands likely to disappear:

Crocs footwear: The decline in stock price from $72 per share in late 2007 to $2 today, ongoing financing issues, consumer belt-tightening and the end of a fad, leads to to 24/7 Wall Street’s declaration that Crocs won’t make it through the year.

The Burqha skies | 7:44 am | 8 September 2007

panties! of the southwest flyerSome people think Matt Lauer’s hot shizz, I guess this lady thought that airing her pudenda for him would win him forever. Instead, he appears to be be giving her a slow clap. No, actually, she got yelled at by the Dress Code Police of Southwest Airlines and almost kicked off of her flight. If it were thirty years ago, they’d have hired her on the spot. Oooh, I want those boots. Remember what it was like? When Southwest Airlines didn’t have hostesses in hot pants? Remember?

boombox remix | 10:08 am | 2 August 2007

Hollow out a boom box, make it a backpack.

nice ads for jeans and yarn | 10:26 am | 20 March 2007

gorgeous TV spot for Levis
two nice print ads for Katia yarn
Ad for katia yarn, featuring a telephone that has been stabbed by knitting needles and is dripping blood. The 'blood' is actually knitted yarn.

shazzam-a-zappos! | 12:35 pm | 15 March 2007

I ordered these shoes yesterday at 11:30 in the morning, and they were here by this morning at 11am. That’s like, no way!! fast!

(The shoes look better in reality than in my phonecam, see here and here.)

What time is it? | 5:56 pm | 5 March 2007

If you answered 1988, you are correct!
awesome Swatches that I had and now have once again

A note to the kids* | 4:34 pm | 1 March 2007

Dear Children,

If you can shop for it at Hot Topic, it’s not “underground.” You just gave your money to The Man.

Who is me.
Ha ha!

The Grown-Ups

PS: I blogged this from my phone which was paid for by designing ads targeted at you. Double Ha ha!

*in reaction to this news report about the horrors of goth and emo for the kids, in which all involved need a remedial John Hughes movie marathon, including the reporter who looks like she’s about seventeen; via CzelticGirl

Eyeglasses Stores are for Suckers | 3:22 pm | 15 November 2006

Eyeglasses Stores are for Suckers: Amen. When I got new glasses this year, it was because my five-year-old frames were getting ugly and boring, not because I couldn’t see. When I got the glasses with the new prescription, everything was so fun-house distorted that I couldn’t wear them even after the “getting used to them” period. Since LensCrafters has a 90-day guarantee, I took them back, someone else wrote me a different scrip, and I waited another two weeks for them to be ready. The new new ones? Still fucked up. Six weeks, four visits, and five hundred dollars later, I had new frames with my five-year-old prescription in them and I can see just fine. They even had the gall to say that when you “get older” you have a lower tolerance for adjusting to new glasses! Now that I’ve got the actual scrip numbers (most places I’ve been to in the past wouldn’t give it to me so that I’d have to return to them for new glasses – even though that’s against the law), when I next need contacts or glasses, I’m hitting the internet.

thank goodness for small favors | 1:20 pm | 20 March 2006

“I don’t have to get all dressed up like I’m going to Wal-Mart or something…”
Via Day of the Deadly

kangaroo girl | 9:04 am | 13 December 2005

Between my coat (North Face hardshell + Land’s End softshell), my jacket and my trousers, I have EIGHTEEN pockets on today. Fuck purses! This is much more practical. Well, until I start digging through eighteen pockets looking for something…

and all that jazz | 3:51 pm | 20 July 2005

In case you, like I, have been listening to the Chicago soundtrack again and again, and suddenly wondered, “what the hell is up with rouging your knees?,” wonder no more:

Women, celebrating such liberties as the right to vote…, were now more daring than ever before. It was considered fun to smoke, visit speakeasies, wear makeup, swear, and otherwise shock conventional thinkers. In 1927 when short skirts were all the rage; young women strove to show off their knees with increasing abandon. Many girls even rolled down their stockings and painted rouge on their knees in an effort to emulate a “naughty schoolgirl� look.

Courtesy of Greengrl and Google!

Speaking of Roxie Hart, it’s waaaaaay quiet in cubeland this week – so while I’m on a musical jag I can dance along in my chair to Sandy and Danny and everyone else — and nobody can see. Rock on!

wearing my jammies to work | 9:10 am | 3 May 2005

Himself got home really late last night after a business trip to Hotlanta, GA. Being super-tired this morning, I thought spiffing up would perk me up a bit, or at least hide the fact from my colleagues that my ass drags so.

The joke, however, is on them — I’ve been picking up all my nicer things at Chico’s, and the only way I could be more comfortable would include horizontality and a feather bed. Ha! Now I just need some worky-looking shoes that are secretly Birks…

XYZ | 5:36 pm | 15 February 2005

I generally like many of the Old Navy trousers for work; they’re cheap and fit decently and don’t look bad (some criteria, eh?). The only thing I hate about them? OH MY GOD, could they please get fly zippers that STAY THE FUCK UP? Twice today!

durr | 11:11 pm | 19 January 2005

So, for like half the day today, I wondered what was making my neck so itchy… and then, I finally realized that I had my sweater on backwards. In my defense, it was a boat neck.. but–oy.

What not to wear | 11:21 am | 10 November 2004

The KFS Sweater Project.

Caftan Time | 10:14 am |

Will YOU know when it’s caftan time?

37 Ways | 8:53 am | 19 October 2004

Shoe Lacing Methods. Check out that lattice for your Chuckies.

Paint a Vulgar Picture | 11:00 am | 1 September 2004

Wichita Middle School Cracks Down On Goths:
A dozen students at Wilbur Middle School in Wichita, Kansas, were threatened with suspension for dressing in black clothing, dying their hair, and wearing black lipstick or eye shadow after the school’s principal cracked down on the “Goth” look last week.

The Goth look has been around since what, 1985? 86? Is it sadder that kids are still dressing like that (come up with something new already! Dress like robots! Vampires are BORING.) or that the principal is so clueless that a twenty-year-old fad can scare her?

I, Robot is the new black | 8:59 am | 27 July 2004

shiny shoes at the trek storeSo shiny, these shoes of Mercury. Still don’t quite know what a shoe cover is. Are these storage, or are they worn over other shoes? And then wouldn’t those shoes be called therefore shoesocks? Say shoesocks many times, quickly like the wind. Ha, you can’t.


What would THAT smell like? | 11:52 am | 24 March 2004

I was going to order some Jack Black Products for Men for Mr Dynagirl but it turns out that this is not Tenacious D Shaving Cream. Bummer.

IF YOU”RE MY BROTHER DON’T READ THIS | 2:56 pm | 18 February 2004

Jesup J-Hawks
These don’t seem to exist from the town we grew up in, but there’s this awesome company called Neighborhoodies that will make you a custom job so I got this made for my brother’s birthday present. Check it out, those letters are embroidered. Quality! I want one! Actually, I want one like the one above, on from Green Bay, one from my high school, and one for Riverwest. Then it’d be a beautiful week in the neighborhood.

I feel pretty, meow | 11:45 am | 18 November 2003

I painted my fingernails frosty white, splashed a little No. 5, and put my cat clothes on. As gorgeous and fab as I now am, all without cutting off my toes? Truly, I AM a witchy thing.

No! Not zee Cruel Shoes! | 11:33 am |

“I never would have bought these [shoes] if not for Dr. Levine. My first pair of Manolo Blahniks.” May wasn’t kidding. She came to Levine with a crushing problem: her toes were simply too long to fit into her beloved Manolos. Not to worry Levine had a solution.
When women come in with toes that are too long, especially if they have corns on the joints, she generally suggests a surgical procedure to cut away the corns — and some of the bone. “It sounds drastic, but it’s not,” she reassured us.

Um… what the fuck about CUTTING OFF YOUR TOES TO FIT IN A STUPID PAIR OF SHOES IS NOT DRASTIC???? Get some bigger fucking shoes. Stupid whores. Please somebody tell me this is fake…

sudden urge to rewatch ‘Bring it On’ | 5:43 pm | 15 October 2003

So these cheerleaders were banned from wearing their cheering uniforms to school because they didn’t adhere to the dress code – the (school-issued) skirts were too short. I’m all for the cheerleader uniforms. Don’t get me wrong at all, I think they’re adorable. I’m laughing though at the mixed message here, like it’s ok to dress whorishly if it’s for school spirit…

did my cat barf that thing on your head? | 9:43 am | 14 October 2003

What Not to Knit, Part I
What Not to Knit, Part II

wierd beard | 11:00 am | 24 September 2003

[image of man with kooky beard]
Gallery of Contestants and Champions of the World Beard and Mustache Champions. If I were a boy, I’d be tempted.
Via Very Big Blog

Parachute Pants are Not Allowed | 4:04 pm | 21 May 2001

No! No! No no no!

photography | 4:27 pm | 15 May 2001

fashion photography dead?

Fur Fiend | 11:47 am | 22 December 2000

I got a mink coat last weekend.
It was $40 at Value Village.
It’s about 30 below zero right now.
Did you know that fur is very, very warm?
And while I’m not advocating the clubbing of baby seals, I don’t have an issue with ranched mink. I’m not vegetarian, I wear leather,and I live in Milwaukee where it’s friggin’ COLD! Ladies, wear your minks and be warm!

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