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client-vendor relations | 11:35 am | 27 May 2009

Too often, this is too true.

*this* is the new public voice of Ogilvy? | 3:54 pm | 20 May 2009

I think (hope) this is the handiwork of a Starbucks-fizzed-up intern, especially with the numbers of unemployed and talented writers and copy editors.

The URL is a tribute to the sixtytwothousandeleventh exclamation point and/or typo.

jaggy jpg in logo + bad color

Five dollars to the first one who sends me a photo of Che Guevara climbing the ESB…
guerrilla king kongguerilla king kong

There are only two participants in this excitement-off:
more excited

we seen aircraft carriers

BOK, BOK, Subservient Chicken now 5 | 5:01 pm | 9 April 2009

Five years of Subservient Chicken. That was only five years ago? The internet, she moves fast…

new logo for OGC | 4:06 am | 24 April 2008

Derivative as hell. Also? Penis.
thanks Hon!

funny ad | 1:03 pm | 19 January 2008

I quite like this ad for ClearBlue pregnancy tests. I hope the agency gets the Tampax account, too.

zappos+++++ | 7:44 am | 17 October 2007

I’ve ordered from them a few time and have been beyond delighted with their selection, shipping, return policy, and customer service, but this goes beyond awesome.

The Burqha skies | 7:44 am | 8 September 2007

panties! of the southwest flyerSome people think Matt Lauer’s hot shizz, I guess this lady thought that airing her pudenda for him would win him forever. Instead, he appears to be be giving her a slow clap. No, actually, she got yelled at by the Dress Code Police of Southwest Airlines and almost kicked off of her flight. If it were thirty years ago, they’d have hired her on the spot. Oooh, I want those boots. Remember what it was like? When Southwest Airlines didn’t have hostesses in hot pants? Remember?

it has a pepper bar! | 12:29 pm | 27 August 2007

spongmonkey toy
If only it sings when you squeeze it… regardless; mine mine mine! They have ninja and viking kittens, too.
via DaddyTypes

wistful, with hardhat | 6:51 am | 21 August 2007

lineman doll watches the ducksMaybe she needs a MySpace page.

(Cute, not icky.) | 8:29 am | 27 July 2007

Nice short web spot from Europe about blood donation.
via adverblog

next act, naming rights | 2:48 pm | 19 July 2007

When I launch my mommy-bar empire, the first three locations will be named Yoga, The Garden Center, and Day Care.

The Muffler Man wants to say hello to you. | 9:51 am | 2 July 2007

muffler man near Oshkosh
The Muffler Man wants to say hello to you.

I found a nicely decaying Muffler Man outside of Oshkosh. Terrifying, and awesome.

John Cleese Compaq ads from the 80s | 11:45 am | 22 June 2007

A nice collection of John Cleese ads for Compaq. Computers Often Make People Quite Angry!
via Mefi

nice ads for jeans and yarn | 10:26 am | 20 March 2007

gorgeous TV spot for Levis
two nice print ads for Katia yarn
Ad for katia yarn, featuring a telephone that has been stabbed by knitting needles and is dripping blood. The 'blood' is actually knitted yarn.

A note to the kids* | 4:34 pm | 1 March 2007

Dear Children,

If you can shop for it at Hot Topic, it’s not “underground.” You just gave your money to The Man.

Who is me.
Ha ha!

The Grown-Ups

PS: I blogged this from my phone which was paid for by designing ads targeted at you. Double Ha ha!

*in reaction to this news report about the horrors of goth and emo for the kids, in which all involved need a remedial John Hughes movie marathon, including the reporter who looks like she’s about seventeen; via CzelticGirl

smelly in a good way | 1:41 pm | 13 September 2006

I was cleaning out an obscure corner of my desk this morning, and came across my little stash of Westin’s perfumed ads that ran earlier this year in The New Yorker and Wired. At first glance at those, I thought they were silly, but they smelled so nice that I hoarded them. Looking at the comments here, I see I’m not the only one — and now that I finally remembered to look, I’m really glad to see that it should be available in stores this month.

marketing/advertising clichés to retire, IV | 1:58 pm | 6 September 2006

“This isn’t your _[older relative]_’s _[noun]_.”
Oldsmobile wasn’t cool when it ran that campaign, the campaign wasn’t cool, and it went so far as to make Oldsmobile even less cool. So why the fuck is this structure / reference still showing up years later? It’s even pretty nonsensical: there’s lots of stuff that I wish were “my father’s X” — clothing, cars, telephones… all far more durable years ago than the crap that’s available now.

whipass Flash ad: Stockholm – The musical | 10:45 am | 29 August 2006

Stockholm – The musical. Neato.

Tupperware | 12:37 pm | 23 August 2006

TupperDiva, a nice collection of all things Tuppery. Lots of gorgeous scans. I recognize some of the products and hadn’t realized they were Tupperware. We didn’t have much of it (expensive!!), but they still make the best (only?) cake carrier on the market. If only I could find the legendary kimchee keeper in the US, that would be nice.
Via Scrubbles

Milwaukee Admirals: You’re on notice! | 7:47 am | 3 August 2006

The Milwaukee Admirals got a hideous new logo which, given this article, not a rebranding of the team on their own but merely as a brand extension of the agency and it’s dick-tastic sounding owner and his obsession with skeletons. Great jorb.
Via number-one hockey fan CzelticGirl

Meanwhile, Jen’s friend cooked up this Most Exceelent On-Notice Board Generator. Hours of fun.

old TV logo animations | 10:55 am | 9 May 2006

Quite a Shiny collection, but they don’t have the spinning CBS Special Presentation that is still my favorite. More here.

to do: rhyme “Modem” and “Scrotum” | 9:26 am |

For rhyming “modem” and “scrotum” (check the music video), and for coining the phrase “optical inch” (great band name, btw), I love this new bodyshave viral. Optical inch! I’m not going to be able to stop saying that today.

new new Quark logo | 3:02 pm | 21 March 2006

Quark re-redesigned their logo after the old new one caused a flap. The new new one could be more refined… but, what do I care, since I use InDesign anyway?

subservient cleaning hunk | 6:09 pm | 20 March 2006

This Xtra-pine Cleaning Hunk site is very cute but I was hoping they’d do it up like Subservient Chicken, and you could ask him to polish things in the room. Heh. Polish things.
via Very Big Blog

print advertising = not dead yet | 1:52 pm | 15 March 2006

MIT Advertising lab has a really nice collection of magazine and newspaper ads that use the properties of paper very creatively. I love this ad for car polish.

design vs. uglay | 10:25 am | 1 March 2006

If Microsoft rebranded the iPod.

taglines are dumb | 11:14 am | 26 January 2006

Here, we have the new Bud Select gem, Expect Everything. Expect everything? My friends (and enemies), this is a line that went through focus groups and across the desks of several marketing MBA “whizzes.” So, let’s say… …I twist open a BS at a bar and I instantly turn into a Dodo Bird? Should’ve expected it.

And Jesus went into the temple of food | 10:06 am | 17 January 2006

If only there were Honey Nut Jesus-O’s to go with your Kabbalah sugar water and your Optimum Zen cereal.

Seriously, what the fuck?

design patterns in energy drinks | 10:06 am | 1 November 2005

You’ve probably noticed all of this, but it’s a very nice enunciation of branding and design in this category.

Things I thought “Cillit Bang” was, incorrectly | 1:17 pm | 13 October 2005

  1. punk band
  2. punk Celtic band
  3. girl band
  4. girl 60s British pop singer
  5. neurotransmitter receiver in the spleen

Turns out that I was sort of correct with nos. 2 and 4. It’s British, all right, but it’s window cleaner. Hunh.

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