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Package multiple InDesign files together | 9:07 am | 4 May 2012

Well this tip is handy if you’re doing multiple .indd files/renditions for DPS where you need different folios for each resolution you’re servicing. CS6 supposedly will let you keep all of those layouts in one file.

Instagram Filters as Photoshop Actions | 7:14 am | 22 July 2011

exampleThat’s pretty cool. I don’t use Instagram but the effects are nice.

TWEET: maker’s schedule vs. … | 7:10 pm | 18 February 2010

maker’s schedule vs. manager’s schedule http://bit.ly/cUJGTG

Hawk!! | 3:41 am | 18 December 2009

Hawk!! Great new pillow.
twitpic photo

noteworthy: new kitchen phone ordered | 7:37 am | 6 August 2009

Now that all our landline phones are old school and corded, we’re tethered to exactly two working jacks. Incentive to wire up the kitchen is on its way, thanks to Richard at ericofon.com:
western electric noteworthy
One of the many neat things about this phone is that I’ll have somewhere to stash the phonebook besides under the couch. The chalkboard is reversible to cork, which is nice, since even thinking about chalk sends me screaming into the other room.

tweet: RT In Iran, … | 11:38 am | 17 June 2009

RT In Iran, “Pretty” Is Sometimes The Protest http://bit.ly/ArVk1
#iranelection #GR88

client-vendor relations | 11:35 am | 27 May 2009

Too often, this is too true.

*this* is the new public voice of Ogilvy? | 3:54 pm | 20 May 2009

I think (hope) this is the handiwork of a Starbucks-fizzed-up intern, especially with the numbers of unemployed and talented writers and copy editors.

The URL is a tribute to the sixtytwothousandeleventh exclamation point and/or typo.

jaggy jpg in logo + bad color

Five dollars to the first one who sends me a photo of Che Guevara climbing the ESB…
guerrilla king kongguerilla king kong

There are only two participants in this excitement-off:
more excited

we seen aircraft carriers

silver lining | 11:32 am | 21 April 2009

Good news for your eyes, at least, in this economy; in amongst the list of twelve brands likely to disappear:

Crocs footwear: The decline in stock price from $72 per share in late 2007 to $2 today, ongoing financing issues, consumer belt-tightening and the end of a fad, leads to to 24/7 Wall Street’s declaration that Crocs won’t make it through the year.

disney trace-o-matic | 1:53 pm | 14 April 2009

Looks like the Disney Vault has a purpose after all – to keep us from realizing how similar our favorite classic Disney movies truly are. According to this video, Disney only ever made one movie, and they’ve been tracing it ever since.

BOK, BOK, Subservient Chicken now 5 | 5:01 pm | 9 April 2009

Five years of Subservient Chicken. That was only five years ago? The internet, she moves fast…

Save the TOY CARS — no bailout required | 10:24 am | 11 December 2008

Congress passed a consumer-protection law in August, to try to stop the flow of poisoned toys from China — but with no exemptions for small businesses, every single toy sold needs an expensive test to prove that it doesn’t kill you.

Read these, and go call your congresspeople.

open letter from Etsy.com

Endangered Whimsy
Gallery of soon-to-be illegal toys from Etsy crafters

Fashion Incubator


  • A toymaker, for example, who makes wooden cars in his garage in Maine to supplement his income cannot afford the $4,000 fee per toy that testing labs are charging to assure compliance with the CPSIA.
  • A work-at-home mom in Minnesota who makes dolls to sell at craft fairs must choose either to violate the law or cease operations.
  • A small toy retailer in Vermont who imports wooden toys from Europe, which has long had stringent toy safety standards, must now pay for testing on every toy they import.

excellent Obama buttons | 9:13 am | 4 September 2008

jazz for obamabreakfast for obama
If I were the button-wearing type, I’d wear these. There’s lots more. And the dude! Too bad there’s not a similar Achievers edition.

kodachrome and helvetica | 11:26 am | 13 May 2008

…are two things things younger than John McCain.

new logo for OGC | 4:06 am | 24 April 2008

Derivative as hell. Also? Penis.
thanks Hon!

finally a grown-up (sorta) | 10:17 am | 20 January 2008

Luna chair from Hjellegjerde, designed by Odd KnutsenI bought my first furniture that isn’t used and didn’t come from Target! A few weeks ago we saw these funny-looking chairs (in way uglier colors), and I sat down. I thought, “hunh, that’s really comfortable,” and moved on… then slowly got obsessed. Yesterday we found them again at Century House Leather Gallery, and in the car on the way over to the other location that had the colors I wanted (OMG xanadu), I thought, “Wow. My ass actually misses that chair.” The guy at the store said they call it “the buttbucket,” which is probably easier to pronounce than “Hjellegjerde Luna.” I like its OMNOMNOM face.

funny ad | 1:03 pm | 19 January 2008

I quite like this ad for ClearBlue pregnancy tests. I hope the agency gets the Tampax account, too.

Liger treat | 10:35 am | 5 November 2007

I like Leopard’s 3D dock, but those glowing blue dots are gonna annoy the crap out of me; here’s how to change them back to triangles.

leopard easter egg | 8:53 pm | 30 October 2007

Unconfirmed, since I can’t upgrade yet (I’ll be doing a double happy dance at that point, because it will mean finally being done with that Perl/Catalyst/TemplateToolKit nightmare), but this is awesome.

for the 8-bit haxx0rz in the house | 4:03 pm | 17 October 2007

Make your own Atari 2600 labels.

zappos+++++ | 7:44 am |

I’ve ordered from them a few time and have been beyond delighted with their selection, shipping, return policy, and customer service, but this goes beyond awesome.

The Burqha skies | 7:44 am | 8 September 2007

panties! of the southwest flyerSome people think Matt Lauer’s hot shizz, I guess this lady thought that airing her pudenda for him would win him forever. Instead, he appears to be be giving her a slow clap. No, actually, she got yelled at by the Dress Code Police of Southwest Airlines and almost kicked off of her flight. If it were thirty years ago, they’d have hired her on the spot. Oooh, I want those boots. Remember what it was like? When Southwest Airlines didn’t have hostesses in hot pants? Remember?

a failure to communicate, tool version | 8:40 am | 29 August 2007

Two staple guns, three boxes of staples, no love. Grrreaergh. If you’ve ever wondered why someone would throw three “perfectly good” boxes of staples in the trash, well, now you know.

it has a pepper bar! | 12:29 pm | 27 August 2007

spongmonkey toy
If only it sings when you squeeze it… regardless; mine mine mine! They have ninja and viking kittens, too.
via DaddyTypes

wistful, with hardhat | 6:51 am | 21 August 2007

lineman doll watches the ducksMaybe she needs a MySpace page.

boombox remix | 10:08 am | 2 August 2007

Hollow out a boom box, make it a backpack.

(Cute, not icky.) | 8:29 am | 27 July 2007

Nice short web spot from Europe about blood donation.
via adverblog

next act, naming rights | 2:48 pm | 19 July 2007

When I launch my mommy-bar empire, the first three locations will be named Yoga, The Garden Center, and Day Care.

why is the sky blue? | 3:53 pm | 17 July 2007

13 legends of color

The Muffler Man wants to say hello to you. | 9:51 am | 2 July 2007

muffler man near Oshkosh
The Muffler Man wants to say hello to you.

I found a nicely decaying Muffler Man outside of Oshkosh. Terrifying, and awesome.

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