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TWEET: Calling all web … | 2:04 pm | 27 October 2010

Calling all web builders! I took it and so should you—The Survey For People Who Make Websites, 2010:

TWEET: This is not … | 3:56 pm | 11 October 2010

This is not the droid you’re looking for (is actually Move along, move along.

TWEET: @panic any way … | 2:58 pm | 31 August 2010

@panic any way I can rewire Coda’s [redacted] implementation of backspace in the terminal? This ^H^H^H^H^H^H^+restart is making me sweary.

^H^H^H backspace, dammit! | 12:56 pm | 16 August 2010

I just got Snow Leopard* and it’s blown away some obscure tricks I’d left for myself. This is a note to future me, should I need to fix Coda’s annoying preference of ^H instead of backspace in their terminal window.

As nice as Coda’s UI can be, I’d ditch it, if I could just get TextMate to play nicely with remote projects.

*yes, finally; upgrading from Adobe CS2 had to be in the budget first…

kill trailing spaces with TextMate | 9:47 am | 28 July 2010

I hate untidy code, and always work with invisibles showing. Regardless, sometimes spacecruft slips through. Here’s two ways to fix that:

  1. custom language bundle that highlights the offending space
  2. macro using the built-in strip-trailing-spaces command on save

I’ve gone with the first option: I think it’s nicer to keep yourself in the habit of watching your code, rather than relying on the software. Also, as the author notes, it blows away any bookmarking and code folds. If you’re working with large files and hit save at least every five minutes like I do, well… that sucks as much as Coda’s lack of code folding does.

TWEET: maker’s schedule vs. … | 7:10 pm | 18 February 2010

maker’s schedule vs. manager’s schedule

TWEET: Killer iPhone app: … | 1:26 pm | 18 December 2009

Killer iPhone app: I take a picture of something in a dream, and the next day those photos are imported to iPhoto with the real ones.

raise your child to be a vengance demon | 9:52 am | 19 November 2009

awkward family photos - devil bunny

TWEET: Upgrading Parallels. Hoping … | 9:33 pm | 18 November 2009

Upgrading Parallels. Hoping it has a TARDIS feature, making the three Windows test VMs mooch drive space in a entirely different dimension.

TWEET: RT @Brogen Up … | 12:12 pm | 14 November 2009

RT @Brogen Up late rebooting servers…my poor 568 day uptime.

TWEET: I just installed … | 10:07 pm | 12 August 2009

I just installed my favorite WordPress plug-in ever: Shockingly Big IE6 Warning

TWEET: Virtual machine update: … | 9:02 pm | 10 August 2009

Virtual machine update: √. M$IE6-XPSP3 dl’d: √. VirtualPC install: fail. Parallels conversion of .vhd: processing. Fiery furnaces: NEARING

TWEET: OSX update: √. … | 6:38 pm |

OSX update: √. Parallels upgrade: √. Virtual machine update: processing. Rower direction: unknown. Way river’s flowing: unknown.

zen software dev scheduling | 6:57 am |

When writers write, they discover what they actually think. When developers develop, they discover what the customer actually needed. Both conclusions happen near the end of the process, and invariably require going back and starting all over again. Nobody knows what the program should do until it doesn’t do it.”

tweet: I dreamt I … | 11:44 am | 14 June 2009

I dreamt I met Dooce last night; she *did* meet someone– RT @dooce Lil Donette Armstrong has arrived! 7lbs 15 oz., 21 inches!

iPhone Katamari Damacy! | 11:29 am | 17 December 2008

Katamari Damacy in the iTunes storeDownloading it now… This gives me hope for the Wii.
via BoingBoing

coolest youtube trick – add a cue to the URL | 4:03 pm | 3 December 2008

You can cue the video to where you want it by appending to the URL, like so

This is excellent, especially if one’s only interested in one bit, for instance, when we’re getting antsy to push something live. It doesn’t seem to work for their Flash embed:

…ah well. Now nobody gives two fucks for Bela.

float: winner | 11:34 am | 1 December 2008

For once, I wish I had been watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

so ready | 6:41 pm | 8 September 2008


Ken! Cosgrove! Accounts! | 1:48 pm | 5 September 2008

1964I had way too much fun with last night—far more entertaining than the convention speeches (don’t they know they’re the dudes in power? sheeesh.)
via Scrubbles, the Library Club President

rocking in 1200 baud | 12:39 pm | 16 July 2008

Reconstructing Apple I BASIC from a Cassette Tape. Run it on an emulator or a replica… …or just as a nerdy ringer for your iPhone.
via slashdot

video camera hacks | 11:22 am | 2 July 2008

We don’t have a digital video camera yet (apart from the built-in function of the Fuji 5000), but it’s getting more and more tempting. There’s a bunch of Flips in the office, and here’s some easy way to roll your own macro- and micro- lenses for them.

plate-smashing machine | 9:14 am | 19 June 2008

I would love to make one of these passive-agressive anger management vending machines. If I put it in the office, though, I’d also need to rig up a robot arm so Jim could use it remotely.

like ravelry for your garden | 2:16 pm | 25 May 2008

I think it’s a little newer, and I’m hoping to see more Ravelry-esque features, but is pretty danged neat way to keep track of your garden.

handy, and self-descriptive | 12:15 pm | 21 May 2008
I need a desktop button for that.

add right-click commands to OSX | 11:58 am | 28 April 2008

OH now this is danged handy.

happy birth… SUPRISE | 7:07 am | 25 April 2008

How to Rick-roll a cake.

aww yeah whoOOOO | 4:05 am | 24 April 2008

So I finally got around to listening to that version of Running with the Devil with David Lee Roth’s vocal track isolated, and now Paul and Storm have a megamix AND the growls and grunts and woooos spun out into their very own tracks. My new ringtone? Awesome.

south park meme guide | 8:45 pm | 7 April 2008

If you caught last week’s “Canada on Strike” South Park, but haven’t been glued to teh internets for forever, here’s a guide to the jokes you missed and their originating memes.

HTTP Status Code 417 Explained | 12:05 pm | 25 March 2008

No, you can’t have a pony.

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