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DEAR CO-OP!! Hall of Fame | 8:57 am | 27 October 2012

strange letter in the co-op newsletter
Would you guys start a website for all of your personal care items? It is important for sanitation for people to have a culturally competent wholeness soap that doesn’t use any type of inflammation. So what are the emotions behind the ingredients? Thanks.

leberknodelsüppe: good for your soul | 8:05 pm | 5 October 2010

At the Essen Haus.

TWEET: Also: Wisconsinites never … | 4:25 pm | 31 August 2010

Also: Wisconsinites never use the term “Sconnie.” Ever. RT @ebertchicago Chicagoans never use the word “Chitown.” Ever.

TWEET: A Shakespeare in … | 3:39 am | 19 August 2010

A Shakespeare in the Park rehearsal going on over there, and all I can think is: SMITENING BOLT! SMITENING BOLT!!

Metafilter 10th party | 2:14 pm | 18 July 2009

See you at MetaFilter 10th anniversary party in Madison, WI: #mefi10

here we go again, winter | 5:18 pm | 22 December 2008


my new job | 9:36 am | 3 September 2008

Packers: Ryan, Hodge out; Frost, Goode in

when you’re a Jet packer | 10:39 am | 9 August 2008

(cross-posted from Ravelry)
Well. Sad all around… but this, too, shall pass. I like Mike McCarthy, a lot. I think he and Brett Favre actually worked well together; Favre seems to need a tough lead. Look back to the Rhodes and Sherman years… or Infante… eesh. We’ve got a good coach, and a good team, and Aaron Rodgers has a lot of potential. He’s been studying under the best for three years now. Breathe deeply and think of the ocean. It’ll be OK. (And my lady-shaped Bart Starr jersey arrived in time for Monday night!)

…And after reading this about Rodgers – as Bob (of Milwaukee’s Bob and Brian Show) put it on Thursday, when Steve Czaban asked if watching Favre would be difficult, like watching your ex-girlfriend dancing sexy-like with a new hunk: “No! I like our new girlfriend. She’s cute,* and not crazy.” Amen!

*…very cute.

bryant’s is back! | 2:49 pm | 17 July 2008

Swank, flaming cocktails have returned to Milwaukee!
thanks, Ann!

the cheese goes in bloody marys, by the way | 7:09 am | 3 June 2008

Top Ten Signs You Know You’re in Green Bay

the winter that would not give up | 2:57 am | 28 April 2008

It. Is. Fucking. Snowing. Outside.


OFFICIALLY SPRING! | 6:47 pm | 10 March 2008

ZOMG OUR MAYOR ROCKS. If they sell souvenier copies of this, I’m framing one:

“Whereas, the winter of 2007-2008 will go down as one of the most severe in Madison history with record snowfall, strong winds, freezing rain, below zero temperatures and now, on top of it all, Brett Favre retires (for cryin’ out loud), and

“Whereas, these conditions make us better, hardier people of higher character than our friends who have fled to places like Florida where they can’t even get a primary election right; and

“Whereas, even with those advantages, we’ve had ENOUGH already; and

“Whereas, Madison has never been a community that simply accepts the status quo whether that be the results of national elections, the realities of nuclear fallout, general market conditions, or, for that matter, mere astronomical forces; and

“Whereas, Spring is a state of mind brought on by the thought of paddle sports and the sight of sleek new canoes and other cool canoe gear;, and

“Whereas, Madison has been described as so many square miles surrounded by reality; and

“Whereas, Madison has been growing at a nice pace which must mean that reality is therefore shrinking; and

“Whereas, reality is overrated.

“Now, therefore, be it resolved that Spring officially begins in the City of Madison at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 9.”

first sign of spring!! | 4:09 pm | 29 February 2008

The annual will-Favre-retire-or-won’t-he? BS-fest has begun! This means that surely these nine feet of snow will melt someday, eventually… I hope.

taking a good thing too far | 6:27 am | 17 January 2008

You’re a Packers Fan, Son. A Packers Fan. Iiiidiot.

mystery pizza phenomenon | 6:26 am |

Pizza takes better if it’s cut in squares. Why?

cats and dogs living together | 7:48 am | 7 January 2008

So I’m getting ready to get ready for work, and it’s even darker than usual for a winter morning, and I’m starting to wonder if the clocks are wrong. And then I hear this rumbling and figure it’s another snow plow, but realize that’d be like, the tenth snow plow in fifteen minutes.


SUBURPIA IS BACK! | 4:55 pm | 4 January 2008

“Take the twisty off, lower the bag and start eating down,’ Foley told one customer after handing her a sandwich. ‘Don’t take it out of the bag.'” EXACTLY.

Suburpia finally re-(re-re-)opens. Whew! I almost drove to Milwaukee the other day but found out it wasn’t open yet. Back when I worked at the Journal, they had just reopened the first time down on Plankinton, and my friend D was practically hyperventilating about it, and couldn’t believe I’d never had one.* I thought she was crazy, but those sandwiches were as addictive as promised.

For years I’ve wondered about those secret spices. I think soy sauce and celery salt play a part, as do the cut of the onions. We’ll have to get to Milwaukee again soon.

*There had been one on Brady when I first moved to Milwaukee, but what did I know? and it closed fairly soon after that.
via CzelticGirl

dear madison bicycle commuters | 9:09 am | 5 December 2007

Good for you! Riding your bikes to work! If I worked closer to home, I’d join you.* But PLEASE put a light on the FRONT of your bikes, too. If I can’t see you in the rear view, hey, sorry, but you’re asking for trouble. (Nothing has ever happened, just a peeve.)

*except during this snow shit, naturally, y’all are CRAZY.

user experience + football | 11:14 am | 13 November 2007

Lambeau Field #1 in fan-experience rating. I don’t know how they got $30 for parking, though. We went to the Chargers game this year and felt quite spendy paying $15, but they were also offering tailgating and a bathroom!

ZOMG 8-1! | 3:38 pm | 11 November 2007


#85 . | 8:47 am | 22 October 2007

Max McGee died this weekend, in typical Max McGee fashion — he was up on his roof, with a leaf-blower, and fell. The dumb dummy! Can you imagine what his wife was thinking? Mostly distraught, I suppose, but there HAD to be a part of her thinking, I fucking told him that would happen. He was a great character and a good man, and we’ll miss him.

Here are some choice quotes, which text really can’t do justice to —
“So, where do does dew come from? The ground, or the sky?”
“When it’s third-and-10, you can take the milk drinkers and I’ll take the whiskey drinkers every time.”
“I waddled in about 7:30 in the morning, and I could barely stand up for the kickoff.”
“What’d happen if I put my microphone in my beer?”

goodbye tree | 6:54 pm | 21 October 2007

The neighbors are having a big old tree removed and it’s been nothing but chainsaws all weekend, going well into the night. We just took a turn around the block, and it looks like they’ve got a long way to go. As annoying as it is for us, it must be worse for them. I guess that’s why the squirrels have been freaking out, too.

John Madden + my new happy place | 10:48 am | 24 August 2007

My new happy place? Is imagining a whole football team of Brett Favre clones, playing against another football team made of Brett Favre clones.

The Muffler Man wants to say hello to you. | 9:51 am | 2 July 2007

muffler man near Oshkosh
The Muffler Man wants to say hello to you.

I found a nicely decaying Muffler Man outside of Oshkosh. Terrifying, and awesome.

15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct | 11:35 am | 20 June 2007

We went to the Brewers-Giants game last night, and had a great time. Hats, bratwursts, expensive beer, and omg, the Brewers won. However… the amount, volume, and vitriol of the boos and taunts delivered to Barry Bonds (we were in the third-base bleachers) was so nasty that now I’m rooting for the guy! Don’t be mean.

The banners that just had * on them were pretty clever, though…

snow days | 7:02 pm | 1 March 2007

Wow, I think I sound bitter and cutty today. It’s probably just living on ice planet Hoth starting to get to me. I’m looking forward to spring.

We got 15-24 inches of snow last weekend, and then we got some more:
from the front door

Here’s the view from my window at work (hey, at least I’ve got a window, right?!):
dreary as fuck out today

Our snowman has a much better attitude. Yay, snowman.
happy drunk snowman

thin ice | 6:46 am | 29 January 2007

It used to be that some yahoo falling through the ice was the first sign of spring here, like robins are for less ice-fishing states. This winter* has been pretty warm; Lake Monona only froze recently, and not very much. News trucks are now driving into the icy waters to warn others of the danger.

OK, it’s 12°F right now, but this is a new thing

Halloween TiVo Alert! | 1:16 pm | 31 October 2006

Mark Borchardt and Mike Shank (“American Movie” and “Coven“) are hosting a Halloween showing of “Night of the Living Dead” tonight on G4. They’ll also be airing Mark’s 1984 classic, “I Blow Up.”

If you’re in Milwaukee tonight, they’re looking for people to show up as zombies to be extras in the “live” movie Mark’s making.

Beerfest: The Dude Abides | 3:29 pm | 14 August 2006

The Dude
At the Great Taste of Madison, our Dude found his Walter.

Milwaukee Admirals: You’re on notice! | 7:47 am | 3 August 2006

The Milwaukee Admirals got a hideous new logo which, given this article, not a rebranding of the team on their own but merely as a brand extension of the agency and it’s dick-tastic sounding owner and his obsession with skeletons. Great jorb.
Via number-one hockey fan CzelticGirl

Meanwhile, Jen’s friend cooked up this Most Exceelent On-Notice Board Generator. Hours of fun.

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