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JESUS CHRIST, IT’S A VAGINA | 7:17 am | 20 January 2011

So, I just started watching The Boondock Saints after years of prodding from a friend. Not one minute in:
jesus christ, it's a vagina-get in the car!!

TWEET: CHAD DEITY!!1!’s next … | 2:36 pm | 1 July 2010

CHAD DEITY!!1!’s next Elaborate Entrance: New York. GO SEE THIS PLAY! @ChadDeity

TWEET: Would love to … | 1:48 am | 16 November 2009

Would love to see Chris Collinsworth replaced by Roger Sterling. #NFL #snf

Rifftrax Live “Plan 9″ | 9:48 am | 14 August 2009

The MST3K/Rifftrax guys are coming live to a theatre near you:
Plan 9 From Outer Space with Rifftrax
Because when white people talk back to the movie screen, you can sell tickets. Don’t get me wrong—I’m so there. Just sayin’, though.

suck boys | 1:30 am | 19 July 2009

Enjoying a collective hate-on over the Beach Boys #mefi10

Mayor Bat Manuel | 3:17 am | 15 June 2009

Finally watching The Dark Knight, and zomg BAT MANUEL IS THE MAYOR. Maybe I won’t completely hate it.


(update: hated it.)

tweet: Just passed “Married … | 1:35 pm | 14 June 2009

Just passed “Married w/ Children” marathon en route to Sunday talk shows. It was very weird hearing Leela’s voice coming out of Peg Bundy.

Duplicity | 12:34 pm | 7 June 2009

We saw “Duplicity” last night. I’d ask how this got so overlooked, but few saw “Out Of Sight” in theaters either. It’s raining, go now!

impressionist punks | 1:00 am | 28 May 2009

In discussing the line between prootopunk and punk, he just compared Debussy to Johnny Rotten…and he’s not wrong. #riteofspring #riot

cutting the cord | 2:47 am | 1 May 2009

Kojak FTW. With Retro TV Network, Netflix on tiVo, and Hulu… Am seriously ready to think about saying FU cable

disney trace-o-matic | 1:53 pm | 14 April 2009

Looks like the Disney Vault has a purpose after all – to keep us from realizing how similar our favorite classic Disney movies truly are. According to this video, Disney only ever made one movie, and they’ve been tracing it ever since.

T-shirt of Reilly | 6:18 pm | 9 April 2009

Just bought Charles Nelson Reilly t-shirt; comes with free DVD of biopic “Life of Reilly.” I will look BLANK in it.

BOK, BOK, Subservient Chicken now 5 | 5:01 pm |

Five years of Subservient Chicken. That was only five years ago? The internet, she moves fast…

Ned Sparks | 1:09 am | 25 March 2009

Another bonus of “Gold Diggers of 1933″ == NED SPARKS.

tigh/roslin ’08 | 4:08 pm | 2 September 2008

Tigh/Roslin campaign logo
I want a frakkin’ bumper sticker.

…and apparently I’m not the only one smelling a classic rat fink bait-and-switch.

WHERE DE WHITE WIMMIN AT?! | 7:29 am | 15 July 2008

Seriously, am I the only person who picked up their New Yorker, saw the cover, laughed, and turned the page?

The editorial cartoon artwork pokes fun not at the Obamas but the people *cough Fox news* who painted this false picture. And to all the hand-wringing pundits who worry aloud saying, “well, I got it, but will Middle America get it? How will this play in the midwest?” Hey, pal, the average IQ doesn’t drop 50 points once you cross the New York or D.C. city limits; on the contrary, most data swings it the other way.*

* disclaimer re: IQ testing controversial, data inconclusive, blah blah blah.

video camera hacks | 11:22 am | 2 July 2008

We don’t have a digital video camera yet (apart from the built-in function of the Fuji 5000), but it’s getting more and more tempting. There’s a bunch of Flips in the office, and here’s some easy way to roll your own macro- and micro- lenses for them.

the cheese goes in bloody marys, by the way | 7:09 am | 3 June 2008

Top Ten Signs You Know You’re in Green Bay

this is also just to say | 11:04 am | 2 June 2008

This American Life discussed that poem and had several of their writers come up with their own.
Link inspired by this comment about the pond.

this is me | 4:06 am | 24 April 2008

Jim sent me a most excellent This-Is-You
another day at the office, bene gesserit style. click for a little larger one

drive them mad | 6:07 am | 9 April 2008

79 versions of “Popcorn.” SEVENTY. NINE. VERSIONS. OF. POPCORN.
thanks, Matt!

I, Brewer | 8:46 am | 14 January 2008

benderDude built a gorgeous Bender robot that also brews beer. This man is a hero!

Which Buffy villian is your GOP candidate? | 12:28 pm | 4 January 2008

The Republican candidates are all Buffy villians. Seriously, dude. That is some scary-ass shit.
via Quiddity

Get Lassie | 2:38 pm | 13 December 2007

There’s trouble down at the old salmon farm! — a nice old sketch from Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Colbert.

new horror genre idea | 4:28 pm | 12 December 2007

{jmac} but that’s not this, ’cause it should definitely at least try, and then fail spectacularly

{me} *hearts it when things fail spectacularly.*
  err, ok by things i mean code
  not life-critical things
  err, ok by things i mean code and by code i mean dev code
  not traffic lights and other important real code

{jmac} new horror movie: br****nt coded your pacemaker

{me} omg i LOLd for real

{jmac} <grin>

6/10: FAIL | 8:28 pm | 30 October 2007

Fox News Anchor, or Porn Star? Looks like I don’t see enough of either. Yay, me!

The *BLANK* of Reilly | 7:36 am | 26 October 2007

I’d be excited to see the Charles Nelson Reilly one-man-show movie, even if my brother hadn’t designed the gorgeous poster and site. I hope it comes to Sundance 608 soon.

30 years ago today | 6:57 pm | 21 September 2007

the shark was jumped

Point-less Break | 7:21 am | 7 September 2007

For some reason, we had the DVD of Point Break laying around (thanks, Ron!), and finally threw it in last night, figuring that at least the Rifftrax would make it vaguely watchable. Wow. What a turd! Also one of the gayest movies* I’ve ever seen. Name the best part:

  1. when Keanu dove out of a plane with a gun and no parachute, chasing after Swayze?
  2. when Gary Busey tried to crash the car into a plane?
  3. when Keanu caught up with Swayze on a rainy beach in Australia, and let him go to surf the wave of “The Fifty Year Storm,” …and the other cops are all, “OMG! WTF? Oh well, we’ll get him when he comes back in” to which Keanu hoarsed out the reply, “he’s not coming back in”?
  4. when Keanu walked away from the scene on the beach, and whipped his badge into the ocean?

We’re thinking it was during the interminable running scene, when Swayze, wearing a Ronald Reagan mask, threw a dog in Keanu’s face. Then he ran off to reload with some Weimeraners and Puggles.

*I ran the Milwaukee Gay and Lesbian Film Festival for two years, and hosted Bruce LaBruce; I know from gay film…

John Madden + my new happy place | 10:48 am | 24 August 2007

My new happy place? Is imagining a whole football team of Brett Favre clones, playing against another football team made of Brett Favre clones.

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