woot, yarn for autumn rose arrived | 1:46 pm | 29 May 2008

swatching for autumn rose
This could be fun! The place I ordered the Autumn Rose yarn from was out of one of the base colors, so the photo above shows “scotch broom” subbed in for “old gold,” since I’m just swatching at this point. It’s good, actually, that they were out—the extra time will force me to swatch properly and really nail the gauge/size. I haven’t done Fair Isle before, so this should be interesting. The charts are a new thing, in that you read each row right-to-left, and then back again. Paper’s expensive, I guess… What’s really swell about the pattern printing is that the dark boxes are the lighter color. Blowing up the pattern on the copier is a HUGE help; so are colored pencils. Other things I will be learning this week: the twisted German cast-on, and how to properly manage yarn dominance.

Deedee sees wool, and is planning all the naps she will take on it:
pile of yarn with cat

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