out of the pool | 8:47 am | 20 May 2008

Pretty much the only time I use a heavily-variegated yarn is for socks, and I don’t plan to break away from my boringstraightforward, plain sock pattern—since pretty much the only reason I ever knit socks is to have a mindless, purse-sized* project that I don’t even have to look at. The pattern is so basic as to not even be a pattern (and I do want my socks to look different from commercially made ones), that I really don’t mind it if the yarn pools. If you’re making something larger / more visible, though, pooling yarn colors can be quite a horror. One clever knitter’s working on a computer program that, with a few measurements and gauge information from you, calculates how a variegated yarn will behave, so you don’t have to get inches and inches into a project before finding out you need to frog it to avoid such things as The Leaky Boob Sweater.

In other knitting news, I ordered a yarn kit for Autumn Rose by my favorite Eunny Jang. I’m looking forward to it, and also a little terrified.
autumn rose
*or in-my-lap-under-a-conference-table-sized!

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