Thanks, John. Thon. (and Thillary.) | 10:07 am | 3 May 2008

McCain and Clinton's gas tax break would save me OMG! SIXTEEN DOLLARS.
OK, so these “economic stimulus” tax rebate checks* are a dumb enough idea, when we have major highway bridges collapsing, record potholes, a five-point-three-trillion!-dollar debt, a ridiculous billion-dollar a day war going on, fifty-eight million citizens without health care, a sad education system, yadda-yadda-yadda…

…but John McCain and (and I didn’t know this until researching just now) Hillary Clinton’s summer gas-tax-vacation idea is so dumb I can’t believe anyone even said it out loud. I just ran the numbers through Excel, and not paying gas tax for sixteen weeks would save me—OMG! SIXTEEN DOLLARS! AND FORTY-NINE CENTS!! Even adding the miscellaneous regional trips we’ll be taking this summer, around 1225 miles, would only add nine more dollars to my pocket. This plan would surely fix everything with the economy. Meanwhile, it’d cost the country about ten billion dollars, which is about what it would cost to provide health care for thirty percent of the country’s uninsured.

Everyone I’ve talked to is going to either pay off a debt, or put it in savings / investment (either all my friends are smart or they’re lying; probably the former). Isn’t spending beyond our means how we got into this mess in the first place?

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