SUBURPIA IS BACK! | 4:55 pm | 4 January 2008

“Take the twisty off, lower the bag and start eating down,’ Foley told one customer after handing her a sandwich. ‘Don’t take it out of the bag.'” EXACTLY.

Suburpia finally re-(re-re-)opens. Whew! I almost drove to Milwaukee the other day but found out it wasn’t open yet. Back when I worked at the Journal, they had just reopened the first time down on Plankinton, and my friend D was practically hyperventilating about it, and couldn’t believe I’d never had one.* I thought she was crazy, but those sandwiches were as addictive as promised.

For years I’ve wondered about those secret spices. I think soy sauce and celery salt play a part, as do the cut of the onions. We’ll have to get to Milwaukee again soon.

*There had been one on Brady when I first moved to Milwaukee, but what did I know? and it closed fairly soon after that.
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one comment on “SUBURPIA IS BACK!”

  1. Original Suburpia

    Hopefully you have dropped by and found the sandwich as enjoyable as you remember.

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