Lizard Ridge, how Fetching | 10:46 am | 17 December 2007

The knitting continues! (Just ask my sore left thumb and index finger.)

The Silk Garden Lizard Ridge is getting pretty close to done. I’ve got three-and-a-half skeins of Noro left to go, and then I have to figure out how to crochet so I can put the edging (Cascade 220, #9465 “vashon”) on. The hard part is getting the cats off of it so I can work; it’s a bit easier now that it’s so long — it’s nice to have an unfinished project that keeps me and the cats cozy while I’m still knitting.
Lizard Ridge afghan, 80%, with Bradley

Too, too sweet:
cat licking detail

These Fetching wristwarmers are a super-quick knit, and I thought I’d use up the one skein of Misti Alpaca I had hanging around from swatching. I didn’t follow the pattern super closely, and just wanted to make these as long as I wanted them — which means that I’ll need another skein. Oh, well! Mr. Dynagirl is already clamoring for a pair, and for future versions I’ll throw in another cable at the wrist to snug it up a little better. Nobody locally had any #4 Addis, so I settled for bamboo Clovers, figuring the smooth yarn would compensate for the slow wood: big mistake. I *hate* these needles! The join ramp isn’t smooth enough, the connecting cable won’t relax its curl, and MAN they are slow. Addi, I won’t stray again.
Fetching wristwarmer

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