Apple TV love + wishlist | 9:31 am | 7 July 2007

We got our new toy from Apple last week — the Apple TV. It’s sleek and pretty and very, very cool. Now, all of our iTunes media is available in the living room. In anticipation, I’ve started burning all of the CDs to a hard drive. Goodbye, clutter! Goodbye, scratched discs!

A week into it, here are some things I’d like it to do:

  • support for more video formats
  • coverflow!!
  • iTunes’ visualizer!!
  • iTunes’ visualizer as a screensaver
  • sleep mode (it’s pretty hot)
  • create playlists from the TV
  • stream photos
  • iTunes store – probably coming soon
  • download podcasts directly (see above)
  • work with the Sony Location Free base station* **
  • it has a hard time remembering my laptop*
  • the YouTube thing is great – but where are my playlists and subscriptions?
  • include free iPhone with purchase

Some of that can be accomplished by hacking it — video formats, weather, internet radio, wake up remote drives and sleep are all on the to-do list, and given that Leopard’s going to be all about the coverflow, that’ll probably show up on the Apple TV before long. Aside for my minor whinges, the Apple TV is really awesome — and it’s only barely a 1.1 product. I’m really looking forward to more.

*these may have to do with our network configuration?
** for that matter, I’d like a whole new user interface for the Location Free Player, it’s terrible. The new case design is sweet — very early-eighties, Trinitron sleek — why can’t the UI be, too?

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