15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct | 11:35 am | 20 June 2007

We went to the Brewers-Giants game last night, and had a great time. Hats, bratwursts, expensive beer, and omg, the Brewers won. However… the amount, volume, and vitriol of the boos and taunts delivered to Barry Bonds (we were in the third-base bleachers) was so nasty that now I’m rooting for the guy! Don’t be mean.

The banners that just had * on them were pretty clever, though…

2 comments on “15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct”

  1. Sam

    I’ve been listening to the series on the radio, and I gotta say I agree. I wasn’t a Barry hater to begin with – my opinion on the matter could be extended into a pretty long blog post by itself, but boils down to “he was never caught, and it’s a witch hunt anyway” – but the behavior of the fans has embarrassed me.

    It’s like when they booed Carlos Lee when he came back as an Astro – the dude gave nothing less than 100% while he played for Milwaukee, mentored the young players, and left to pursue what will be his only big payday. Have some class, Milwaukee.

  2. Barbara

    Yeah, Have some class Brewers! I have not ever gotten over them defeating my Cardinals in the 85 world series!

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