a mighty wind | 1:27 pm | 30 April 2007

Parisians, around the turn of the twentieth century, enjoyed the talents of Le Pétomane, a professional farter. His stage name translates as “the fart maniac.” It’s more evidence that the French are the funniest people in Europe.

via… I suppose there’s better places to beef about this, but I don’t feel like raising that big of a stink. (Ha!!) It’s really stupid that my responses to the AskMe question, “are farts universally funny?” were deleted. The one moderator I’ve met in person seemed pretty humorless, so there you go. Maybe my second comment was misinterpreted as something other than a reference to the horrible beer farts that Molson lager generate. Who knows.

one comment on “a mighty wind”

  1. Czeltic Girl

    Yeah. W.T.F. Matt? (/Jessamyn/Cortex)

    Apparently there’s a ban on humor in AskMe.

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