railz rul3z lol | 11:55 am | 26 March 2007

WTF is up with PERL.

3 comments on “railz rul3z lol”

  1. Erik

    Hi my name is Erik and I’m a perl fucktard.

  2. Pete Prodoehl

    Aw man… Perl is still pretty useful for some stuff. Some people even use Perl-based RoR-like frameworks for building sites.

  3. Miriam

    I’m just grumpy because I have to code* around it, and there aren’t any good syntax color-coding bundles for it that I can find. RoR just seems so much more… logical.

    And Pete, yeah, you don’t say? :D

    *if there are any Java programmers reading, excuse me, I meant “markuping” or “hitemmeling.” Sorry.

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