knitting: I didn’t forget how | 8:02 pm | 2 March 2007

It’s been a while since I started a big project, because I finally had it drummed into my head that Swatching. Is. Vital. To. Success. While everything I’ve made turned out well technically, things never fit right. I had figured that since hats and small things seemed to come out ok, well, maybe I just somehow have gauge magic… Oh, hell no. So while there’s a number of things I’d like to make soon — Eris, Mariah, Cromarty, and maybe another Stornoway — I want to make sure to be using the right yarn, the right needles, and the right gauge. Last weekend I finally counted out all of the twenty-ish (there’s more not in the photo) swatches, washed them, blocked them, and am recounting. I’m glad I did the washing and re-counting: of the ten I’ve recounted, only two yarns kept their gauge! Eeks.
knitted swatches

Meanwhile, I finally finished a simple pair of socks for Mr Dynagirl:
sock in Elann Esprit

… and started another one for me. Both are Esprit from Elann.com. Phone Elf approves.
new sock started, Elann Esprit

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