IE7 edit menu ignores address bar | 12:30 pm | 6 February 2007

Nifty! Not only is IE7’s File/Edit/View/Etc. menu in a really stupid place below the toolbar*, the Edit menu doesn’t work. If you select a URL from the address bar and then try to copy it from the Edit menu, it loses focus on the address and you can’t copy it. Paste is similarly fucked up. The right-click contextual menu works, so why not this? Click to watch:
click to watch IE7 edit menu ignoring address bar

You’ll notice that I took this movie on my Mac through Remote Desktop. I tried the copy/paste maneuvering directly on the Windows (XP) box, with the same results. I also tried it in Internet Explorers 5-6 and it worked just fine.

Geeks Are Sexy posted a registry hack to move the File/Edit/View/Etc. menu back to the top. I did this and it worked, in terms of moving the menu bar back to where it belongs, but it didn’t fix the copy/paste issue. Swell!

*”Reload” and “stop” are in the extra-stupid place of after the address bar, and no, they can’t be rearranged.

3 comments on “IE7 edit menu ignores address bar”

  1. Pete Prodoehl

    As someone who went a few years without using Win/IE much, when I had to start testing with it last year, it took me quite a while to find the “reload” and “stop” buttons… I figured Microsoft just took them out of their browser, or forgot about them.

  2. Sam

    I’m in the tester group for IE7 at work, and it’s definitely the suck.

    Render-wise, I can’t find any significant differences from IE6, but interface-wise, it’s like they broke a lot of stuff just to be “cute”.

  3. Miriam

    Well, for example, the really big site I’m working on: the IE7 stylesheet is a lot shorter than the IE6 stylesheet — 34 lines compared to 324!. (That’s only the main layout and one section of the site, though.)

    I am pleased that the selectors are more advanced: this kind of thing


    actually works now!

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