DOMAss – Modular Javascript library | 12:41 pm | 1 February 2007

One of the Big Things on my to-do list this spring is to learn Javascript like a badass. There’s a lot of references out there on the web, and a lot of books… but there’s a lot of really shitty references and a lot of shitty books, and I don’t even really know enough to know the difference yet. My HTML and CSS is tight and poetic (and constantly improving), and I want to make sure that my Javascript is just as awesome. On my shelf waiting for me I’ve got Javascript, the Definitive Guide, and Christian Heilmann’s Beginning Javascript with DOM Scripting and AJAX.

I’m looking forward to digging into those, and this
DOMAss – The DOM Assistant library looks useful as well.
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  1. Rob

    I would reccomend Dom Scripting by Jeremy Keith http://domscripting.com/

    It’s great and after learning a few basic consepts you can do more or less anything :)

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