jet lag suc zzzzzz…… | 11:47 am | 8 January 2007

OK, so I scheduled the flights following my usual jet lag minimization plan: fly to Europe leaving in the evening — you have a day and then you eat and take a melatonin with the “free” red wine, zonk out for the rest of the flight, wake up, and it’s morning in Paris. Returning to the States, fly out in the morning, staying up the whole time, and when you get home, you’re really tired (it’s 4-ish am to your body) but it’s time to go to bed anyway and within a day you’re pretty caught up.

(This plan also works with my general rule of not arriving / departing any time around the beginning of the US morning news cycle. Call me paranoid if you must but surely even some mean people have seen The West Wing or whatever enough to figure that out.)

This time, either it didn’t work, or I’m coming down with something (which would be weird because fatigue and fog are the only symptoms), or I left half of my brain in Paris.

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