L337, I M TEH D4nG3r!! lolz \o/ | 6:45 pm | 29 November 2006

Are certain words creeping into his conversation? Words like… swell? (trouble!) And… ‘so’s your old man?

TV news is a joke.
UPDATE! I really am dangerous geeky, check out my last Subversion commit tonight:
subversion commit #1337
via Geekologie

4 comments on “L337, I M TEH D4nG3r!! lolz \o/”

  1. Dave

    w0w.. s(4-1)r10u51y… th@t’5 2 funny.

    (I couldn’t translate funny into l33t speak.. sorry)

  2. Miriam

    I like the math reference in the middle, you are so way geekier than I am, Stretch!

  3. Sam

    Sensationalism is hilarious.

  4. Dave

    I’m jealous of that subversion commit. I wanted to own that…. f0r r34l y0!

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