IE7, CSS testing and multiple IE installations | 4:42 pm | 8 November 2006

We’ve been so busy that I haven’t followed the Internet Explorer 7 betas; from what I was seeing, there were enough changes between each even after they said that all of the layout/rendering development was frozen that it wasn’t worth chasing. Now that it’s out, and being pushed to a good share of Windows users, I spent the morning setting up our testing boat anchor laptop (WinXP/SP2) with IE7, the ability to handle multiple versions of Internet Explorer, and older versions of said devil.

While I first thought that running a virtual machine would be the only solution, it’s pretty crazy to have to do that (and pay for a whole other XP license and whatever extra RAM you need) just to test your web sites in crappy old browsers. I have to say HOOOORAY to Yousif Al Saif for putting together Multiple_IE: a bundle of standalone versions of IE that don’t interfere with each other. Installation was fast and it works great.

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