Dale of Norway: Setesdal | 8:14 am | 1 August 2006

Setesdal, a childrens sweater in a Norwegian style from Dale of NorwayFrom Soft Treasures for Little Ones, I’m finally done with this. It’s for a friend’s baby, and I was worried that it may be too small as I ws working on it (I know nothing [yet] about how big or small babies are) but… well! This way she’ll have something to wear to kindergarten.

Here’s the inside, you can see the sleeve facing that needs finishing:
inside of Setesdal sweater

Mr MagpieDynagirl wonders why I made it so small:
Russ with Setesdal sweater

3 comments on “Dale of Norway: Setesdal”

  1. jen

    I hope he’s not like Tom of Finland…

  2. Mr. Dynagirl

    sheesh! that dvd shelf is like the n3rd olympics. can you name th3m all?

  3. mammabaabaa

    Your baby sweater turned out nice! I have a new website dedicated completely to Dale of Norway including a forums section, I’d be tickled if you might pay it a visit and write something about your baby sweater.


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