scream on down the road | 12:15 am | 29 July 2006

I’m sitting here at four minutes past midnight (on a FRiDAY; god, I am SUCH A FUCKING ROCKSTAR AND YOU KNOW IT), weaving in ends and doing miscellaneous finishing business on a baby sweater for a friend, and meanwhile, catching up with the TiVo — and I see now, why, as a child, despite being very much into musicals, I was fucking terrified of The Wiz.


omgwtfbbq?! This is one fucked. up. movie.
And I’m SO buying the soundtrack tomorrow.

*probably, then also on late night televison, under a misguided babysitter. This so explains both my fascination with Nipsy Russell and my fear of Big City Subway Turnstiles. AND WIERD SUBWAY MONSTERS AND THEIR CRACKHEAD MASTERS. (And crack. And tile.) No. You don’t ever want to be in the playground of my mind.

**although the fact that Toto is a miniature schnauzer makes me really happy… and also fits right into the 70s trippy milieu ( we had a schnauzer, too; albeit better groomed than this one ), as well as the linoleum yellow brick road that looks like the vinyl uplholstery on the kitchen chairs in my grandmother’s house.

2 comments on “scream on down the road”

  1. jen

    Uh no. Toto is (in the real movie anyway) a Cairn Terrier. A black Cairn.

    Trust me, I had one groowing up.They come in two colors, tan and black.


  2. Miriam

    Yeah, I’m talking about the funky-groovy-terrifying movie, not the 1938(?) Judy Garland-y one; I’m pretty sure this lil’ guy’s a schnauzer.

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