Pleasant pheasant | 10:18 am | 3 July 2006

roast pheasant with maple-balsamic reduction, wild rice, asparagusHeidi’s husband went pheasant hunting, and she generously passed on two of the birds. As I’ve never cooked a pheasant before, I tried to do some research–and came up with suprisingly little information. Meh. So I just kind of made this up… figuring that they’re lean, and, probably tasting a bit more wild than chicken, need a more agressive sauce.

They came with the backs removed, so I put a quarter of a lemon and a garlic clove where the cavity would be, covered it with the legs, wrapped with pancetta–game is very lean and needs additional cooking fat–and tied them up. I roasted them for about forty-five minutes (which turned out to be about fifteen too many). While the birds were resting, I made a sauce by softening minced shallots in the pan juices, then reducing into it a quarter-cup of balsamic vinegar, three-quarters cup of chicken stock, and about a tablespoon each of maple syrup and apple juice. Served over wild rice (JC‘s recipe), accompanied by pan-roasted aspargus and a prosciutto/arugula/parmesan salad, it was a delightful dinner.

3 comments on “Pleasant pheasant”

  1. Heidi

    YUM! That sounds great. I may just have to get daring and try it!

  2. Miriam

    Yeah! The sauce was great, but if I had pheasants again I’d definitely brine the little guys overnight beforehand, or try braising them. Even with the pancetta, they were pretty tough (but tasty!).

  3. Sam

    Christ. That looks/sounds great.

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