CLACK!!! | 10:17 am | 27 June 2006

I just got my PowerBook hooked up to a IBM Model M keyboard and it’s rockingly clickyclacky and so great to use. It’s super responsive and the clacky keys actually encourage me to type faster and better because I sound like the Coding Rockstar that I am. Himself just ordered two of the legendary OmniKey 102s and I’m looking forward to checking that out.

As soon as I get a Wacom on this machine, I’m going to be so set. Man, using a mouse is teh sux. How the hell do people use these friggin’ things? Ouch.

one comment on “CLACK!!!”

  1. Sam

    I had a job for a year where I got to use a huge Wacom tablet twice a week. Those two days each week were the highlights of that entire year.

    Man I hate the mouse soooo much.

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