coolest weather radio ever | 7:08 pm | 19 June 2006

Between growing up in Iowa (and still living in a tornado-tastic area) and having spent EVERY FUCKING CAMPING TRIP EVER cowering in a tent with nobody having adequate weather information (let alone CHECKING the fucking forecast before departure), it’s been really bothering me that we don’t have anything on hand should there be an emergency. We’ve got satellite TV, too, so if there’s something nasty in the area, we don’t get reception at all. Fed up, I ordered (and just got) the coolest emergency radio (almost) ever. DUDE! We’re talking well designed. Check it out:
Power supply:
– A/C adapter, OR
– three AA batteries, OR
– the rechargable battery OR
– the hand-crank (which will also charge the rechargeable battery)
– NOAA Weather Channels
– AM / FM
– Television audio (hugely cool, because they’re the ones that update shit in an emergency)
Other goodies:
– CHARGE YOUR CELL PHONE!!! Even if there’s no power you can use the hand crank to charge it – NOICE.
– Flashlight
– Siren
– Alert Mode – leave it on and it only squawks if there’s something coming your way
– Water-resistant

HOLY SHIT IS THAT THE COLLEST EVER?! We’re ordering more — for the car, and for our parents. The only thing I find annoying is that the siren is on the same knob as the power and alert — so you try to turn off the alert mode and you easily end up going EEE AAAAW EEEEE AAAAW at ear-splitting levels. Other than that, and the fact that we have to order a different adapter because our cellphones are Treos, it’s SO worth the money and I will never be a loser cowering in a tent with “experienced campers” again. Rock.

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