Garage sale find of the day | 5:37 am | 12 June 2006

Dorothee Becker Utensilo for Maurer
I got this Dorothee Becker Uten.Silo for TWO BUCKS. A little elbow-grease and the stickers, sand and paint drops are gone, and it’s perfect. I’m guessing original, too; if it were a re-issue, it would have had a very different price tag.

Actually, I didn’t know what it was either, other than something I’d seen crop up a lot in the backgrounds of gorgeous spaces in the Terence Conran house design books from the 70s.

2 comments on “Garage sale find of the day”

  1. Delphine

    I don’t speak english well…I’m interested to buy your wall rack but i don’t know how to do that…How much is it in euros? Can you explain me? I’m in France. Can you help me?

  2. Miriam

    Hi! Sorry, this one isn’t for sale, I bought it. You can find them on line, but I wouldn’t know where to get one in France. Maybe Le Musée des Arts D´coratif could help you? Sorry!

    Two bucks is a little over a Euro right now.

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