Han shot first, for real | 9:57 am | 9 May 2006

The original Star Wars trilogy is coming out on DVD, in a unaltered form! We have a box set of the last un-fucked-with videotapes, and have occasionally sort-of joked about finding a laserdisc player, the laserdiscs, and making our own, but no more. Apparently, the DVDs will include both versions– hopefully, on separate discs, so that I can lose the fucked-with ones under the car wheels.
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2 comments on “Han shot first, for real”

  1. Sam

    I have to admit, George Lucas is smarter than I am. I broke down and bought the first commercially available DVD trilogy. Because, as I reasoned at the time, this would be my only chance to own the movies on DVD before he changed them further when he released them with the newer, lousier, poutier trilogy.

    I was 100% convinced the only unaltered copies that were in existence were the old VHS copies floating around.

    I am such a dupe, and I’ll end up giving him even more money. I hate myself.

  2. Czeltic Girl

    Han shoots first! Han shoots first!

    Ah. Order is restored to the universe.

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