Ode to the Dishwasher | 8:24 am | 4 May 2006

Ode to my dishwasher,
a tool for the lazy,
without you I think
I’d go fucking crazy

The Mincemeat Vixen wrote a lovely poem, that I’d like to cross-stich and frame in the kitchen.

3 comments on “Ode to the Dishwasher”

  1. mac

    Mr. Fish insisted on registering for a very lovely stainless steel dish drainer when we got married. It has never been used because washing dishes by hand is for chumps!

    I hand washed dishes for the first 25 years of my life. And as Flying Spaghetti Monster as my witness, I shall never wash dishes again!

  2. Miriam

    I hand-washed for the 13 adult years before I moved into himself’s house, and the dishwasher–crappy though it may be–was a WONDER again. That is, until it stopped being a washer and turned into a dirt-rearranger. It works decently now (thanks, hon) but I look forward to the Next House where there will be a Modern Dishwasher, as I still don’t trust it with the china.

  3. Sam

    I have two dishwashers: my right hand and my left hand.

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