how I learned to stop worrying and love the butter | 2:10 pm | 24 April 2006

Defective Yeti reveals the secret algorithm of Cooking Light‘s recipes. I picked up a CL last week in hopes of having a few things in the repertoire that would counterbalance the French project. I got to page ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE before I found any food-related content. After filleting the magazine, I was left with about twenty pages of recipes (including many pages with full page ads on one side).

I made the shrimp florentine pasta on Monday night, and did a double-take as I was reaching for the butter — did they really ask for a teaspoon of butter? Honestly, I didn’t know it came in such small denominations; the smallest you can slice it is a tablespoon – it shows just that with the lines on the side of the wrapper.

The pasta was actually really, really good (though it would have been better with more butter and real cream…). It seemed like a good deal, too, at four-hunded some calories per serving; however, I think there was a typo–their “serves four” actually only served two, and at fifteen whopping dollars a pound for the shrimp, that’s hardly something we’ll be repeating frequently.

I think we’ll have an evening walk instead.

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  1. Arne S.

    $15 seems like a lot for a pound of shrimp. Don’t you think that if you stay away from the meats and sauces and do some extemporaneous updating you can pick a lot of (relatively) low cal food out of MtAoFC?
    Like Haricots Verts a la Provencale, pg. 447. Cut back on the olive oil slightly and add some shrimp and your all set. If JC was writing the book today she’d specify more olive oil, less butter, less fat; teaspoons, not tablespoons. Tastes and cooking styles change, don’t you think?

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