PSA: NOT Wisconsin’s largest kitchen store | 2:33 pm | 13 March 2006


I’ve been seeing the billboard for this place in Appleton for about a year now — “WISCONSIN’S NATION’S LARGEST KITCHEN STORE!!!” — and resisted and resisted until last weekend. This time, in search of a dumpling press, we pulled over. I’m really not sure what they’re using as a measurement, because while they had a decent assortment of cooking equipment, it was nothing that I would expect to find after such an advertisment. Fein Brothers (Milwaukee) is three crowded floors of toys. Granted, that’s a “restaurant supply” store, not a “kitchen” store, but I’d have thought they would be in the same category.

Cook’s Corner had: no dumpling press, no non-wood cutting board with a meat-juice groove, no iron bakers* from LeCruset, no roasting racks for meat smaller than a whole leg of lamb. It was like a well-stocked Williams Sonoma (except that WS carries Charlotte molds, and CC does not). The much smaller Orange Tree Imports in Madison could just about give them a run for their money (and has a better knife selection).

UPDATE: OK, looking at their site, I guess they’re calling their Manitowoc location the nation’s largest. Regardless, they’re using that on the Appleton billboard, which sets expectations WAY too high for what they’re actually offering.

* very handy for things that need to go on the stovetop but also under the broiler.

2 comments on “PSA: NOT Wisconsin’s largest kitchen store”

  1. littlewing

    Don’t get too excited about the Manitowoc location either…but they do have a great bargain room!

  2. Miriam

    Thanks! Good to know. I guess I’ll stick with Orange Tree and Fein Bros.

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