Master Class #36 | 6:08 pm | 12 February 2006

oeufs a la Fondue de Fromage
Mastering the Art of French Cooking, vol. 1

Oeufs à la Fondue de Fromage, pp. 118-19
Poached Eggs on Canapés with Cheese Fondue Sauce

Julia describes all of this and the other variations of ouefs sur canapés / ouefs en croustades as “a practically limitless series of little hot first courses or luncheon dishes.” They’d shine in such a fashion, but served with a nice tossed salad, they’re also an easy and charming supper after a long Saturday of cleaning and errands. We used her six-minute egg, which is recommended as alternative to poaching — after a long Saturday of cleaning and errands, shortcuts may be embraced when they present themselves! Even with the slightly putzy canapés, this is a really simple dish to whip up with pantry staples. Sauté some shallots, add a little garlic; throw in stock and wine and reduce… add a little cream, a little cornstarch, and a little Swiss cheese and correct the seasonings. Canapés + eggs + sauce + broiler, eh, with a little more cheese and butter. Ta-da, a sumptuous little dinner. We used a “rustic,” grainy French sandwich loaf for the canapés, which worked out really well – the nuttier texture was welcome against the velvet of the egg and sauce, and the slight sweetness worked well. This is so rich, though, that two eggs per person is almost a challenge – be sure to balance this with a salad and/or some fruit. I’m quite looking forward to the rest of this chapter!

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