belated birthday weekend blogging | 7:37 am | 7 February 2006

Two weekends ago there was much fun and laziness and food at Casa Dynagirl. Saturday we bummed around with my folks, and I couldn’t resist these plaid Danksos. We met up later for dinner at Magnus. I really need to start making lamb chops. Dinner, needless to say, was fantastic.

Sunday was lazy and very pleasant; I got up early, made the beginnings of dinner, and sat down to knit and knit and knit during our Doctor Who marathon.

beautiful poppyseed cake with buttercream frosting
While I was busy knitting, Mr Dynagirl was busy in the kitchen making this absofuckinglutely fantabulous poppyseed cake with a custard lining and buttercream frosting.

clam chowder waiting to be served
Julia Child & Company
Fish Chowder, pp. ??
Before the cake made its debút, friends joined us for supper: one of my favorite soups, Julia’s fish chowder. It’s a snap to make if you use her suggestion of clam juice, and the only sinful thing is the croutons – though it’s heavenly and velvet. I’ve only made it once before but I think it’s going to be in a more regular winter rotation from here out.

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