no touching! | 4:57 pm | 13 January 2006

What is WITH the strangers and pregnant-belly grab-ass thing? It just happened to Rubber Nun’s friend, who did what any sane woman would. Back when I was at the Journal, I had a friend there who was pregnant. People would touch her stomach all the time – especially a MANAGER, even after she’d been asked not to. Finally, my friend even warned this woman, “touch me again and I’m touching back.” That got poo-poohed off, and so D. went in for the double squeeze, including the requisite “HONK HONK!”

Why was the HONK HONK scandalous, but the manager touching the employee repeatedly, after having been told off not? Blah.

one comment on “no touching!”

  1. Czeltic Girl

    I would so not be a good pregnant woman. I’m very, very fussy about being touched by people (especially people I don’t know really well), so I suspect it would work out something along the lines of random stranger touches my belly, I punch random stranger. I suspect I’d have to get a t-shirt that said “Touch my belly and I’ll break your hand” in hopes of warding off assault charges. (“But your honor, they clearly ignored the posted warning. I’m not at fault.”)

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