The Complete New Yorker | 11:41 am | 29 December 2005

I got this awesome thing for Christmas (THANKS, HON!!!XOXO) and I love it – love love LOVE. Fifty million pages of the best. magazine. ever. – how do you not love that? Sadly, it’s not quite perfect yet, as Mr Jalopy details his attempts of loading the whole eight DVD set onto one hard drive — because swapping the disks is teh sux: one, two, three, four. I hope they fix this soon.

My other issue –and I can’t really blame them, glass house and all that– is that the software doesn’t support 800×600 and doesn’t resize (or at least can’t, since I can’t get down to that part of the window) and my old clamshell iBook doesn’t go any higher. Time to get a new laptop!
via BoingBoing

UPDATE: A-HA! Still time to get a new(er) laptop, since the program doesn’t fit my monitor, and my eensy hard drive couldn’t come close to taking it.

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  1. Sam

    My sweetie got it for me for Xmas too. Alas, I don’t have Tiger, so I can’t display it on my Mac. Still waiting to crack it open, still waiting to dive in…

    Someday I’ll get that new Mac.

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