Sweater #4 – Little Rogue Riding Hood | 8:34 am | 7 November 2005

On the importance of gauge swatches:
red Rogue cardigan, way too big
Dammit! What a silly, silly knitter. DeeDee can’t believe it. I’d made this sweater once before, but with a different yarn. TAHKI DONGEAL TWEED IS NOT CASCADE 220 and doesn’t give the same stitches per inch on the same needles. I should totally know better than this.

red Rogue cardigan front, after felting
A trip through the washing machine sure helped! About a quarter of the way through the felting, I cut the steek. You can’t really see it well in the photo, but this is how I did it, where ^ is the crochet chain anchor, and I cut away the three knit stitches in the middle.

} p k^ p kkk p ^k p {

At Thanksgiving, my mom is going to help me put the zipper in. I think it needs a pewter, celtic-knot button at the neck.
red Rogue cardigan back, after felting

8 comments on “Sweater #4 – Little Rogue Riding Hood”

  1. Heiderino

    I love it!

  2. TheHuz

    Wha happa!? is what deedee is saying here.

  3. Wannietta

    It looks great with a bit of felting. I really love the colour.

  4. Shelley

    Very Cute! Love the red color.


    You saved the day. That red is so pretty on you too. I’m glad it worked out in the end. Thanks for the steeking idea too – good thinking!

  6. Miriam

    Thanks! Yeah, I looked high and low for a red tweed that was so red – there were a lot of orangey-reds, but this was what I finally found.

    Russ’ beard shaver took down a lot of the felting halo, and really helped re-define the cables.

  7. Marko

    You’re getting so old in your young age. Why is knitting such the rage now? Does it go along with women calling themselves ‘girls’ and the rise of the domesticated right?

    On the other hand, it goes against the culture of disposable, mass-produced goods, so I can’t complain. That, and knitters seem to rule for reasons that I can’t explain.

    Send my regards to Milwaukee. :-)

  8. Christiann

    It’s beautiful !
    I’m doing one in grape Briggs and Little wool… sort of a dark heathery purple…
    WHY didn’t I stumble on your site earlier….?!?! A steek !!!! What a great idea !!!
    (I’d rather the cardigan style than the pullover…)
    Wwelllll I guess maybe I’ll be doing a second one…
    Thanks !

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